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I should've never agreed to this arrangement...


Thirty days ago, my boss (Mr. Wolf of Wall Street),  came to me with an offer I couldn't refuse: Sign my name on the dotted line and pretend to be his fiancée for one month. If I agreed, he would let me out of my employment contract with a "very generous" severance package.


The rules were pretty simple: No intimate kissing, no actual sex. Just pretend to love each other for the press, even though I've secretly wanted to knock that sexy smirk off his face since the first day we met. 

I definitely didn't need to think twice about this. I signed my name and started counting down the seconds to when I would never have to deal with his special brand of ass-holery again. 

I only made it to one minute...

We argued the entire four-hour flight to his hometown, failed to make a convincing impression with the welcoming press, and right when I was about to knock that arrogant look off his face in real life? He purposely dropped his bath towel in front of me, distracting me with his nine-inch cock to "show me who the bigger person was" in our relationship.  Then he gave me his trademark smirk once again and asked if I wanted to consummate our marriage.

Tragically, this is only day one

We still have 29 more days to go...

August 31
WGW Books, LLC
WGW Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

QueenDefender ,


Between this one and “Naughty Boss,” I’m hooked!

DELICIOUSLY FUNNY AND INTENSE!!! Job well done. Keep ‘me coming. (Even my husband couldn’t tear me away. Until he read what I was reading and then he reminded me who the real “naughty boss” is. :-) )

Sasha4Ever80 ,

5 Snowstorm Date Stars!!!

This story has hilarity in it, a really good short backstory woven in it, and the chemistry is seriously hot. The Assistant is trying to get out of her job with The Wolf. (Also, I love the nicknames in Whitney G books!!!) The Wolf is pretty much the most egotistical guy ever and you just want to roll your eyes at him. The Assistant has been working for him for over a few years and is the longest lasting one too. The Wolf is trying to land a “family oriented” client, and despite trying to find someone else, he has to be a fake fiancé to The Assistant....because she knows him better than anyone else (sugar packets hidden because of his doctor, hello!) During this time, she sees more of what he’s had to go through with his brother-not being good enough; and he also remembers and speaks about quite vividly their snowstorm date, which was, like, the most sweetest thing ever!!!! And don’t even get me started on the anniversary presents....loved it and classic Whitney G to give you a great backstory!!!!

Hb314 ,

I listened to the audiobook

This audiobook had me giggling and sighing then rolling my eyes. I LOVED The Wolf. That is exactly what he was. The name fit him perfectly, without question. I also loved The Emily. These characters were made for each other. I loved the sarcasm, and hi jinx these characters applied on each other, and the stubbornness and frustration was exactly what made their interactions absolutely perfect. I wanted more at end, but it just leaves me to come up with my own version on the after. Nick and Emily are one of my favorite couples. This author continues to keep me hooked with amazing stories with characters that actually have personality. This is my fourth read of hers, and I’m completely blown away every time!

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