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From the writer of the cult sensation John Dies at the End comes another terrifying and hilarious tale of almost Armageddon at the hands of two hopeless heroes.


You may have a huge, invisible spider living in your skull. THIS IS NOT A METAPHOR.

You will dismiss this as ridiculous fear-mongering. Dismissing things as ridiculous fear-mongering is, in fact, the first symptom of parasitic spider infection -- the creature secretes a chemical into the brain to stimulate skepticism, in order to prevent you from seeking a cure. That's just as well, since the "cure" involves learning what a chainsaw tastes like.

You can't feel the spider, because it controls your nerve endings. You can't see it, because it decides what you see. You won't even feel it when it breeds. And it will breed. So what happens when your family, friends and neighbors get mind-controlling skull spiders? We're all about to find out.

Just stay calm, and remember that telling you about the spider situation is not the same as having caused it. I'm just the messenger. Even if I did sort of cause it.

Either way, I won't hold it against you if you're upset. I know that's just the spider talking.

Fiction & Literature
October 2
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Sparklingsundrop ,

Addicted to Soy Sauce

More soy sauce! Please! I’m completely addicted!

Seriously though, I loved this book and need more of them.

SafeTinspector ,

Absurd dark fantasy made like Swiss watch you dare not tell time with

This second in the John Dies at the End series is as full of hilarious, sometimes frightening, frequently gory story-telling, well written characters and a compellingly twisty, page-turningly action-packed plot as the first. (Count my hyphens and despair)
Best of all, this author REALLY knows how to stick a landing. The ending fully satisfies and the denouement reframes everything you just read in a way that made me shake my head in admiration.
Not to say this book isn’t without flaws. The only female character is a delightful young, one-handed woman who is nevertheless only motivated and defined by her relationship with the male protagonist and is at times too perfect a girlfriend, with a back-story far better realized than her personality.
And there are moments where the author uses racially loaded words and well-meaning but at times problematic vernacular when dealing with characters of color. I don’t feel truly qualified to determine if a line was crossed, but it did give me pause.
Otherwise, another job done really well, and I highly recommend this and the first book in this series.

Cheunga22 ,

Great read

Honestly I preferred the first book, John Dies at the End. It doesn't matter, this book is still a great read. The tone of the book is a little different, more serious, less off the rails crazy. But it is still fast paced and a lot of fun.

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