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The land is contaminated, electronics are defunct, the ravenous undead remain, and life has fallen into a nasty and brutish state of nature.

Welcome to Bridge City, in what was once Arkansas: part medieval fortress, part Western outpost, and the precarious last stand for civilization. A ten-year-old prodigy when the world ended, Gus is now a battle-hardened young man. He designed Bridge City to protect the living few from the shamblers eternally at the gates. Now he’s being groomed by his physician mother, Lucy, and the gentle giant Knock-Out to become the next leader of men. But an army of slavers is on its way, and the war they’ll wage for the city’s resources could mean the end of mankind as we know it.

Can Gus become humanity’s savior? And if so, will it mean becoming a dictator, a martyr . . . or maybe something far worse than even the zombies that plague the land?

Fiction & Literature
July 3
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Customer Reviews

Am book reader ,


not your regular zombie apocalypse book. very much enjoyed it.

MaceF ,

Good but short.

I really enjoyed this book. Unfortunately, it ended way too soon for me. It was a very quick read. I would love to read a sequel or a spin-off novel on one of the characters. I give this book a 4 star and not a 5 for two reasons. It was disappointingly short, and $10.99 for a book I read in a single 2 hour sitting didn't seem like a great value.

I did not think that there was anything that hasn't been done with zombie fiction(fiction for now. I'm crossing my fingers for a zombie apocalypse in my lifetime). This book had an air of Mad Max/The Road Warrior imagery for me when describing the survivors, their gear and their post nuclear fallout world.

Hopefully when the dead do rise, I'll recall some of this book and it will be a useful survival tool.

I recommend this book to those who want an original spin on the zombie genre.

Hearthero ,

Unique and gripping

It's hard to imagine such a new and gripping take on the zombie novel, but John Jacobs pulled it off. This book is hard to put down and cries out for a sequel. The characters are so three dimensional that I want to know more of their story.

If you ever enjoyed a zombie movie or book this will not disappoint!

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