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In this collection, you will find stories about:
Friendship - Some friends are like food to the soul; a brother or sister that is there for you no matter what. However, some take that relationship for granted. Tragedy - Two sisters left orphaned in the most unexpected way imaginable; before we follow the orphaned sisters once more at another dark time in their lives. Joy - Two best friends realise something about each other on their wedding anniversary, an interesting revelation.

Forgiveness - One survivor of kidnapping, despite the adversities he faced, was in fear of one thing that his captors could not alter even as they scared him for life, his wife’s supposed anger toward him. Misconceptions - A husband relates his first impressions of his wife. Empathy - What happens when you as a victim who realises the person who did you harm is also a victim of the same circumstances? Do you hate them for what they have done or do you forgive them and move on? Do you establish a relationship? This is the beginning of a tale that tells us what one woman did.

Understanding - A married couple amidst the pandemic who reflect people’s attitudes toward the virus, supporting both sides of the proverbial coin before becoming a united front. Opportunity - No one likes being stood up but when the old saying runs true, 'when one door closes another opens'; what will you do? Would let the chance to get someone new slip away after being rejected? Foolishness - Get mad and get even, this is a concept followed by many who cheated on but how does a person go about doing that especially when you have invested so much in your relationship? I am sure this story will give you ideas. Disclaimer, if getting even backfires, don't blame Kimarie. I didn’t notarise anything.

Love - A two-part short story inspired by my favourite song and music video for 2020. I am not telling which it is, so you better figure out from the clues. The collection closes with excerpts from other stories I have written and will be publishing at a later date.

I really hope the stories entertain you and make you rethink your outlook on the saying, “This is Life".

Fiction & Literature
September 19
Kimarie Hosea
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