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In this rare peak into the personal life of the author of numerous bestselling novels, gain an understanding of David Foster Wallace and how he became the man that he was.
Only once did David Foster Wallace give a public talk on his views on life, during a commencement address given in 2005 at Kenyon College. The speech is reprinted for the first time in book form in This is Water. How does one keep from going through their comfortable, prosperous adult life unconsciously? How do we get ourselves out of the foreground of our thoughts and achieve compassion? The speech captures Wallace's electric intellect as well as his grace in attention to others. After his death, it became a treasured piece of writing reprinted in The Wall Street Journal and the London Times, commented on endlessly in blogs, and emailed from friend to friend.

Writing with his one-of-a-kind blend of causal humor, exacting intellect, and practical philosophy, David Foster Wallace probes the challenges of daily living and offers advice that renews us with every reading.

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April 14
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Customer Reviews

.Brayth. ,

Simply powerful.

A speech so fitting for not only a commencement ceremony but for the world. Introspection and desire to improve upon self, to remove self from the constant center of one's universe is where true wisdom and happiness lie. Question what you think and how you think; what you know and how you believe you know.

Tnugz3297 ,


This is very short. So, for the price it is not worth it and maybe look up other alternatives like youtube. Don’t get me wrong this is a good speech but don’t go out your way to buy but if it’s for school, see if you can get it cheaper than 10 bucks because it’s read and done in 10 minutes.

nnetchvolodoff ,


My friend Phil recommended this book. He's awesome!!!!

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