This Scarlet Cord

The Love Story of Rahab

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Publisher Description

Within one of the Old Testament’s most famous battles lies one of the most tender love stories.

Hidden within the battle of Jericho is the story of Rahab, a beautiful and brave young Canaanite woman who aided the Israelites by hanging a piece of scarlet cord from a window. This act of faith changed her life by placing her in the genealogy of Christ.

Rahab is the youngest daughter of a Canaanite farmer, taken to Jericho for the pagan New Year so her father can find her a wealthy spouse. Sala, the Israelite boy who had once saved her from being kidnapped, is also in Jericho. When the two young people meet again they admit their love for one another, but their different religions make marriage impossible.

Their love story plays out against the background of Jericho’s pagan rites. It is only when the One True God of Israel comes into Rahab’s life—and she realizes what He is calling her to do—that she and Sala can come together.

Witness Rahab as a young woman determined to find her destiny as she follows her heart toward true love . . . and the One True God.

"Wolf (A Reluctant Queen) holds our interest by skillfully conjuring up a fascinating version of Rahab’s story, successfully persuading us that the story is far more complex than merely a “scarlet cord.” —Publishers Weekly

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July 9
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Jasmyn9 ,

Great Historical Romance

I don't know much about Rahab and the story of Jericho - other than the walls fell down and the Israelites were victorious. But Joan Wolf has a way with words. The city jumps off the pages, from the crowded and congested lower city, to the pristine temples of Baal and Ashera.

Rahab is a very fascinating character. She is a strong woman that seems to really look at what is going on around her, choosing her decisions based on what her heart tells her. She seems a great math for Sala, but there is one huge problem. She is a Canaanite and he is an Israelite. Neither of their families would ever agree to a marriage.

But as her life begins to fall apart, she begins to re-think her beliefs and her way of life. This was no sudden epiphany, but a good long soul-searching that was quite touching and a little scary. As an army approaches the city of Jericho, her decisions will mean the life or death of her entire family.

While this is an inspirational romance, you do not have to be religious to enjoy the romance and time period. It's a very well told story of two amazing people during a time that isn't visited very often.

sandieleesiTouch ,

Writer needs to know biblical history

Although the story would have been interesting if it was about another girl and an Israelite young man set in the proper period. It is very disappointing to see that the writer didn't do her homework for biblical history. Israelites were not in Canaan until after Moses led them through the wilderness and Joshua finally got then to enter Canaan which was the promised land. Therefore, this story of Rehab's early life is impossible.

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