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This wife anonymously wrote to Joan saying, “I never thought I... of all people... I would be writing to you. But I am, because I have just enjoyed a summer of crazy fun sex with my husband and other men... and just me with other men. Wow! My god, I never thought I would do the things I have done. But, I am glad I did, and I just have to tell you about it.”

Her husband (Van) confided to her that before they were married, that while he was single, he had been invited to join a few couples in "bedroom fun," and found what he called "MFM experiences" exhilarating and mutually rewarding.

One evening Van got a phone call from an old friend who was calling from the other side of the country. They talked for a while as she put her kids to bed. When she and Van met up in their bedroom, he said the calling friend was the male half of one of the couples he used to "party" with. He said his friend (Troy) and his wife (Barb) would be calling back in a few minutes so he could introduce his wife to them on the phone. She was a bit flustered.

The phone rang as they were getting into bed. Van answered the phone, and his wife could tell he was talking with a woman. Soon Van handed the phone to her.

Barb introduced herself and congratulated the young wife on "snagging" Van. She said that she and her husband considered Van a very special friend. Then, hesitantly, she began to tell that some years ago she and Troy had invited Van to spend the night with them... and that as the evening wore on they all ended up in Troy and Barb's bed.

There was silence on the phone for a few moments, and then she admitted that Van had told her about his times with them. There was a sigh of relief at the other end of the phone. They talked some more, and Barb told her that she and Troy did not consider themselves swingers. She said they just occasionally enjoyed bringing another guy into their shared love life. "You are a lucky gal," she said. "As you know, Van is a very skilled and thoughtful lover."

She had to smile as she said, "Yes he is." Then
Barb handed the phone to Troy. As Troy told her about the many non-sexual things the three of them used to do together, Van was nibbling on his wife’s pussy. When Troy finally got around to telling her how he loved watching Van "deep f**k" his wife, an orgasm overtook her, and for moment she could not talk.

After Troy hung up, Van looked right at her and said, "What do you think, hun? Did they sound like weirdoes, or normal friendly people?” She had to admit that they sounded quite normal... and they certainly were friendly.

Two months later Van had a business trip scheduled to Austria, and he told his wife he would like her to join him. She was delighted. While at the hotel his company had arranged for them she decided to relax at the hotel’s pool and spa. That’s where she met Franz… and got to know him in the sauna. Both were nude, as is the European way.

An hour later, after much reflection on her husband’s admonition… “if the opportunity ever presents itself, I would be totally OK with it if you had sex with another guy," and "I think sensual gals like you should experience sexual variety... like Barb does." The thoughts brought a smile to her face… she was soon in Franz’s room, enjoying the sizeable cock she had observed in the sauna.

Since their return home she and Van had many hot conversations about what they did in Austria. On three following occasions (leading up to her report) Van made arrangements for their kids to be with their grandparents, and on each of those occasions he invited a different male friend to join them for some three-way play. She reports, “As the McDonalds ad says, ‘I'm lovin' it!’ I have gotten much more at ease with my own body and its potential for pleasure.”

Health, Mind & Body
May 3
Joan Vegas
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