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This World of Echoes takes us on a wondrous and powerful journey from the source of divine energy to its unfolding in sound and light as planes of greater and greater density—planes that form our spiritual and physical ‘worlds’.

Its core themes help us understand why our world works the way it does, what our personality is made of and how we can move beyond it to identify instead with our higher consciousness.

Book One introduced the unfolding of Divine Energy from its Still point at source to increasingly dense, distorting layers of substance and consciousness that we—as human personalities—define as 'reality'. Its beautiful language took us to a universe of new thought and higher states of knowing. In layers of meaning it explored the nature of Self, the duality of our personal worlds and the wholeness of the greater Life that surrounds us.

This is Book Two. It takes us deeper into the nature of both the personality and the soul (or higher self) and their relationship to each other. It examines the attributes of Will and Love at both these levels of consciousness, looks at our spiritual evolution as both a path and a service, and explores our understanding of faith and healing. In beautifully expressive language it continues to expand our understanding of the nature and reality of Being as it unfolds from Divine idea into the structure and form we experience as life on Planet Earth.

Book Three brings us more insights into the contrasting worlds of the personality and soul (or higher Self). It furthers our understanding of how the unseen unfolds from the depths of the void of potential into the apparently solid reality we human beings experience as This World of Echoes. This final book of the trilogy expands on our relationships—with ourselves, with each other and with the greater Life of which we are a part.

Health, Mind & Body
October 12
Tall Pixie Publishing
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