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He broke my heart.
I crushed his faith.
Now he's back, daring me to go one more round with him.
We're older now, all grown up, but the pull between us hasn't weakened. It's more intense than ever.
I hate him, but I'm drawn to him, to the darkness, to the man buried deep inside the monster.
He despises me, but he wants me. I'm the one that got away, and he's hell bent on making me pay.
He's the fighter, but I'm the survivor, and I know if I get back in that twisted ring of passion and pain with him, I won't escape twice...

Thorn is the third installment of the bestselling Carter Kids series. It's a story full of chemistry, anger, sexual tension, and pushing each other's buttons. Due to its explicit content, bad language, fighting scenes, and graphic sexual content, Thorn is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and above.

February 24
Chloe Walsh
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Izra24 ,


Had me on my toes the whole time , loved it . Can't wait for the next . Keep them coming !

jericho's girl ,

One was enough...two was really tough

Ugh! How many times can one guy and one girl fight over the same stupid things??? This should have been concluded in one story. One and done! It went around and around and around. Maybe in the later chapters of Thorn, one of them will grow the freak up...but I'm not reading another page. I just don't care anymore. Teagan and Noah were not likable to begin with, but I gave them a chance in Treacherous. However, just a couple of chapters into Thorn and I like them even less. (Sigh) I miss Bella & Edward and Abby & Travis (Beautiful Disaster) and Jacqueline & Landon (Easy). All had sequels that were necessary...and worthy.

essabishop ,

Very Exciting

I'm not one to write reviews but I must say this is part TWO of this book which by the way don't like to read series of books that conclude the same characters and seem to never end, but I have to say that CHLOE WALSH is an amazing author. Every emotion has came through me reading this book. I'm so confident that many more roller coaster emotions are going to erupt in me not to mention the anticipation of the next book to come out is driving me mad. In a good way I guess. Any how! So sad at the moment that's this part has ended but look so forward to to buying the next few serious. Lol so uncommon of me. I will be waiting.The story continues and I must read on...

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