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Thought Access

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Publisher Description

Thought Access is your entry to more. This access will grant you thought forms that assist you on your Earth adventure and guide you to experience all that you are, have been, and will be. This book is a direct link to the most powerful thoughts in the mental world, where all change begins. Thought Access connects you to the highest version of yourself, which already exists within your own mind and gives you the energy to bring that state to life in the physical world. Just as you will gain many supernatural powers from this book, you will also release yourself from anything that has blocked your inner vision to see the path that was always meant for you.

There are many codes hidden within this book that will trigger spiritual activation and cause profound, life-changing shifts that assist you in remembering yourself. The most powerful access you can have is higher thought, which allows you to maneuver any situation, overcome any experience, and create what you want without hesitation. This is the blueprint for bringing to life the dormant primordial energy within you. This energy will free your life force and help you consistently reach greater heights in your experience, expression, and exploration ahead. Thought Access is an energy state, an outlook, and a mindset; and it is here to empower you like never before. You'll go deeper in your self-belief, exude the radiance of self-love, trust intuitively, operate supernaturally, and live boldly and confidently in all ways. Thought Access will guide you through life as a trusted source for charting the unknown territories within yourself.

What is inside?

Treasure of Realizations: You'll be taught how to reign in the mental world and discover how to produce more energy within yourself that is unlimited, yet still untapped.

Thought Access Techniques: Advanced techniques that take your consciousness into any state you desire, giving you access to utilize your own imagination and receive practical results.

15 Daily Thought Upgrades: These 15 thoughts will guide you through a process of insight that reveals to you your potential, your inner power, and your ability to create the reality you want.

100 Thought Access Affirmations: These 100 affirmations will play a crucial role in your life as they pour real power and energy into you. Every word is written intentionally, to help you feel actual energetic increase in your mind, body, and soul.

Your Access Is Granted

Health, Mind & Body
February 17
Idil Ahmed
Idil Ahmed

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