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This book discusses the the issues, thoughts and feelings of suicide from a person who is currently considering suicide. Major topics include failed: career, marriage, and dreams. Another dimension is the struggle over the author's sexuality.

A significant portion of the book is given to the author's public blog posts and twitter feed. Commentary on the blog posts shed light on the original intent of the post, which was not necessarily made public to the readers. The author also includes weeks of tweets, under a separate handle, that catalog his depression and thoughts of suicide during the day.

The book is not meant to be therapuetic or of a 'self-help' nature. The primary purpose was to leave a written legacy attempting to explore all the issues and situations that led the author to determine suicide was a viable alternative to living. A central theme in the book is that normal people that are not mentally ill can have serious thoughts of suicide and still function at a high level in society.

December 24
Dylan Stevens
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

LesHug1 ,

Been there, exactly there.

You know me. You know you, better than most know themselves. You are not a failure! You are lost. You must be true to yourself to find happiness. You're not responsible for what your wife thinks, feels, says, or does. You must be true to yourself before you can find happiness.
I know that you can't see, at some time in your life, you have been happy when you are in the throws of depression. No one can. I truly have been there and often go back.
No one on this planet can talk you off of a ledge but sometimes listening helps. Please talk to me. Voice to voice and heart to heart.
My mothers father killed himself when my mother was 58. Yes, life went on but it changed her life forever. It will change your sons life too, and not for the better.
I will not try to talk you off the ledge but perhaps I can tell you some facts that will change your perspective.
I didn't expect my life to go the way it did either. Most people don't. I know that doesn't make you feel differently. Maybe just incentive to listen.
You are a beautiful person with a wonderful sense of humor not displayed in this book. You are an extremely talented writer who is giving away material that you could be making money from. There are options!
I care, I'm here for you, I understand.
Anxiously awaiting your call.

André Web ,

This book made me want to die

Yes it did. Don’t read

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