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Three Dates with Mr. Darcy, a three-story anthology by author Elizabeth Ann West. Over 500 pages of JAFF!

Enjoy an exclusive novella, Much to Conceal, and the first books in her two Jane Austen Fan Fiction variation series!

Much to Conceal, a 20,000 word novella that imagines what if Jane learned of the failed proposal in London and MADE Elizabeth face her mistake? Exclusive to this box set.

A Winter Wrong, 33,000 words, the first book of the Seasons of Serendipity, is a novella series that wonders what if Mr. Bennet died at the very beginning of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?

By Consequence of Marriage, 65,000 words, is the first novel in a series that reimagines the entire story if Mr. Darcy did not rescue his sister, Georgiana, from the clutches of George Wickham.

All 3 stories are perfect for a snuggled reading afternoon with your favorite warm beverage! Elizabeth Ann West confesses she is hopelessly Darcy addicted and prays no one finds a cure!

Fiction & Literature
March 3
Elizabeth Ann West
Elizabeth Ann West

Customer Reviews

Line Dancer Florida 54 ,

By Consequence of Marriage

I would have liked this book if it would have had a more conclusive ending. I so do not like a book that leaves you hanging. This book was the worse of the 3 variations of Pride & Prejudice that I just read. I know it was a variation but the other 2 books had better endings. I also know it is book 1 in the series Moralities of Marriage. But I still like to read a book and feel the story is completed by the end instead of having to find & buy book 2 of a series.

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