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From USA Today Bestselling Author Grahame Claire comes a friends to lovers story of hope and redemption.


I don't date.

And I intended to keep it that way.

But to save my best friends' relationship, I agreed to three with the man I secretly long for.

He doesn't know why we can't be. That chancing a relationship would bring everything crashing down around us.

Whatever he makes me feel is irrelevant. Wherever he thinks this may lead, he's wrong.

Three dates.

That's all I have to survive before I can put him back where he belongs . . .

At arm's length.


Six years.

That's how long I've waited for her.

Now I've got three shots to convince her what I've known all along . . .

We belong together.

Despite all of my determination, each new revelation seems to pull us apart.

With everything stacked against us, we may not even make it to date three, let alone forever.

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November 2
Grahame Claire
Jennifer Pridgen

Customer Reviews

Montanafilly73 ,

Three Dates

What an incredible book. A few parts were boring and slow, but I guess it was needed because the rest was pure high octane! What a wonderful man Stone is and Muriella was a force to be reckoned with. And thank God for Carlos! I loved it.

yellville ,

Three dates

This is a challenging story of love and healing. One problem was the redundancy. I understand the point was to demonstrate how hard it is to trust once trust has been violated. Skillful editing would have sustained readers’ interest while moving the plot forward. Nice to see the power of acceptance and sensitivity in character development

sbsbrinson ,

Loved it!

This story touches all the feels and will jerk your heart strings every chapter. You will love the story of Murielle and her unrelenting courage and of Stone, the man who loves her without end.

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