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Trade shows and conferences are surreal environments of compressed time and space. Potential customers, whose lifetime value could mean millions to your business, are walking right past you. In Three Feet from Seven Figures: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows you’ll learn what it takes to stop those people, engage with them, and quickly qualify them. You’ll also discover what it takes to motivate your employees to work hard every minute the trade show floor is open.

It costs a fortune to attend a trade show. With all the sponsorship, preparation, and travel fees involved, companies spend as much as $5,000 to $35,000 an hour to exhibit on a trade show floor. Still, with all that preparation and money, very few companies take the time to determine how they’re going to interact with complete strangers.

With so much riding on person-to-person selling, especially at trade shows, can your business afford not to learn the techniques in Three Feet from Seven Figures

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October 14
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Customer Reviews

RoninMarketeer ,

Over 90% of trade show booths are boring failures, yours doesn’t have to be.

David Spark clearly explains how to avoid all of the mistakes most exhibitors make and gives examples how to drive business from exhibiting at trade shows. It's a very quick read and can save you thousands.

TACrowl ,

A must read for every trade show staffer

Three Feet from Seven Figures should be burnt into the memory of your trade show staff. David has done an incredible job of uncovering the problems that prevent companies from maximizing their ROI. He shares effective methods to engage, qualify and end conversations in a positive manner, allowing your staff to generate more connections and leads. If you are in charge of a trade show booth and don’t read this book, you should find another job.

Matt Hixson ,

If you are spending money on trade shows you NEED to read this!

If you have ever worked or been to a trade show you know that most of the time the staff in the booth are not paying much attention. I think the title says it all. If you have staff in the booth that are engaged in the right way there a HUGE opportunity just a few feet away. When you have booth staff that are talking to each other or with their back to the aisle it is a massive lost opportunity. David is a trade show veteran. This book gives you a great perspective of someone who knows from personal experience and tons of direct observation. If care about being successful with all of the money you put into a trade show you need to read this book.

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