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A spy steals a Russian chip capable of hacking any military hardware on the planet. To get it to his handler, he must pass it on to a mule who will carry it out of Europe. The spy pulls his hoodie over his head and searches for a mule. He may have found a candidate in Strasbourg, France at the Christmas market. The mule is an older woman, seventy perhaps, and she’s looking at a Christmas thong.

Jan holds up a thong with tiny Santa Clauses all around the edges. To get a better look, she sets her tablet down and holds the thong against her side. She looks at her friends for their support. Aaron, a stout forty-something, laughs, and Mary, a religious fanatic who thinks everyone is a sinner and has a collection of bibles that she carries with her, shakes her head and utters the word, “sin.”

Jan, defiantly, buys two thongs; one with dancing Santa’s on it and another with a Rudolph’s face over the crotch. She presses a tiny button and Rudolph’s nose lights up.

Just then, a hooded man runs up to her, grabs her tablet from atop the thongs and runs off! Jan’s shocked and throws the Santa thong at him.

Aaron runs after the crook and yells for him to stop. Olivia, Aaron’s friend from a nearby village, calls the police from her phone and yells at Aaron to stop. She insists it’s too dangerous for him to race after a thief.

A few blocks away, Aaron corners the crook in an alley.

The hooded man walks out from behind a dumpster with the tablet in hand and holds it up.
Aaron knows that he was wrong to chase after the crook, but to go into a dark alley was far too dangerous, even with his skills.

The man throws the tablet onto a pile of trash and then runs off.

Aaron gets the tablet and returns it to Jan who is ecstatic to have it back, but the tablet case has been opened. Aaron snaps in back into place and they continue their European journey.

The next day, the threesome find themselves neck deep in a case international espionage and are on the run from Russians, Americans, and other thugs who want Jan’s tablet.

The spy must do all he can to save Jan and her friends, get the chip to his people, and evade the killers looking for them.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 8
Michael S. Lachance
Smashwords, Inc.

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