Three Free Sins Three Free Sins

Three Free Sins

God's Not Mad at You

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“Hilarious, honest, and full of the hard-won wisdom...At its core is this truth: real change only happens when we realize God loves us whether we change or not.” —Susan E. Isaacs, author of Angry Conversations With God

From a popular pastor and radio host—Three Free Sins teaches that the only people who make any progress toward being better are those who know that God will still love them, regardless of how good they are.

This book is about the misguided obsession with the management of sin that cripples too many Christians. It’s about the view that religion is all about sin…about how to hide side sin or how to stop sinning all together.

In the Introduction, the author toys good-naturedly with an agitated caller on his radio program, teasing him in a segment where he offers three free sins. The offer is real. Not that Steve has the power to forgive sins, but he wants to make the point that Jesus has made the offer to cover all of our sins – not just three.

Chapter one, titled “Teaching Frogs to Fly,” is even better. The gist of this chapter is that you can’t teach frogs to fly, just like you can’t teach people not to sin. Steve tells a story about a guy who has a frog, and he’s convinced he can teach the frog how to fly. The man keeps throwing the frog up in the air or up against walls – all to the poor frog’s demise. The message is that even though people can be better, they can never not sin—just like a frog can never learn to fly, no matter how much pressure is put on it.

Steve continues through the book to show readers that while they can never manage sin, they can relax in knowing that they are completely forgiven—not just of three, but of all.

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February 7
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Customer Reviews

Gt689532 ,

Great read!

This is more than just your normal christian read, it's so much more! I LOVE this book! I am now reading many of his other books too. I recommend this book to many of my friends, especially those struggling with legalism in the church. Once you've tasted the grace of the gospel and the freedom it gives, there's no going back to those heavy burdens.

EvDog2 ,

Subpar book

Leaves much to be desired. Don't be mistaken I didn't hate it but wouldn't ever own it. Save your $.

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