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In the tradition of the best pulp thrillers, THREE IN A BOX VOL. 1 is the perfect introduction to the Shamus Award winning RAFFERTY: P.I. mystery series.

Including the first three books, RAFFERTY'S RULESLAST SEEN ALIVE, and POOR DEAD CRICKET.

Buy THREE IN A BOX VOL. 1 today and discover the series readers are saying is "… on my list of great private eye writers along with Kinky Friedman, Elmore Leonard, and Lawrence Sanders."



Bikers kidnapped her daughter

She wants Rafferty to kill them all

And she's willing to pay … 

Rafferty ain't in the revenge business. 

So when he gets told to gun down the low-lifes who kidnapped Vivian Mollison and put her into a drug-induced twilight zone, it's no can do. No matter how much money Vivian's mother is willing to throw at him.

But stirring up trouble amongst five outlaw bikers who picked on the wrong girl? 

Now that's more like it.

Years ago, Rafferty saved Vivian's life. Can he do it again?



All Rafferty wanted was some small-town quiet time

Hadn't counted on being arrested for murder

Now, he'll blow this town wide open to find the real killer of a sweet young girl ...

Rafferty may not have killed Cynthia Lawson but he was one of the last people to see her alive so, like it or not, he's involved.

Hallston ain't your typical small town either, and faster than you can say, "Five hundred on The Longhorns," Rafferty is up to his ass in shady bookies, violent boyfriends, crooked doctors,  and religious fundamentalists who just won't leave him alone.

Not to mention a vicious killer with Rafferty square in his sights.

Can Rafferty find Cynthia's killer before he's taken off the case … permanently.



Cricket Dawes lies dead in a parking lot

An explosive corporate dossier is in the wind

The company will stop at nothing to get it back

The cops think it was a routine mugging gone bad; Winchester just wants the dossier to prove the local nuclear plant is dangerous; and Walter Hadley, Cricket's boss and lover, you'd think would be upset, but if his company and wife were to learn the truth …

All the pieces are there, but Rafferty can't complete the puzzle. So … continue with the case and the screwballs involved or tell Winchester to shove it?

Either way, she'll still be dead, and Rafferty might not stop the looming environmental catastrophe, but at least he might be able to find out who really killed Cricket Dawes.

And make them pay. 


Praise for Rafferty: P.I.

"If you like Parker's Spenser, or Robert Crais' Elvis Cole you should love the Rafferty series." - Mark A. Johnson.

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December 26
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