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“Hey girl, feel my sweater. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material."
That’s right. My name is Dorian, and I’m in an Aussie band that’s kinda famous in America. That and a little know-how in between the sheets gets me all the sheilas I can handle… too bad I have my eye on one broken roller derby princess. And too bad she’s already hooked up with my roomie.

“There are plenty of fish in the sea. But this fish is my fish. Do not touch my fish."
The girl of my dreams is within reach again, and this time I’m determined to make her say yes—in her condo, at my apartment, in the middle of the law library during study hour (that last one was maybe not such a good idea). But Adele has changed in the years since we parted. I want her to be all mine… but the only way to make her whole again might be to… share?

“Skate fast. Hit hard. Get low."
That’s roller derby—and that’s easy. The rest of my life? Not so much. One life in pieces, one Aussie rocker, and one sexy ex. How do I know what to choose? And… do I really have to?”

The entire bestselling series now available in one complete set!

August 2
Calluna Vulgaris Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Astroyic ,

Fantastic Box Set!

These are some of the first stories that I read by Lauren Hawkeye that made me a forever fan. So glad they are all in one book now.
Three Little Words
I had to read this for a second time I loved it so much. This story is so heart wrenching but is also hot. Lauren Hawkeye always draws you in and delivers steamy sizzling sex scenes as well as that connection that we all crave for our characters. What a great story.

Kiss Me Twice Part One
This is a sequel to " Three Little Words " so you need to read that first.

Mal, Dorian and Adele's relationship continues to evolve. Mal and Dorian started their "Triad" because of their feelings for Adele but there is a growing attraction between them that is getting harder for them to ignore. The sizzling sex scenes are also transforming into more. They all have very strong feelings for each other but no one has yet to say what they feel.
Loved reading the story from each characters POV. It helps you fully understand what each one is thinking and what they are dealing with, because they each have issues that they need to deal with. There are new obstacles that threatens their relationship and we meet some new players that could change everything.
How will all this end for Adele, Mal and Dorian I can't wait to find out in the next part.

Kiss Me Twice Part 2
Loved this story from start to finish and the finish was infuriating but so so sweet. This final part had so much happening for all three characters at times I was unsure of what the ending would be. All of these characters had serious growth that was needed to help make their Triad a successful relationship. Do they make it or are they going to take the easy way out and go their separate ways. I am not going to spoil it for you. You have got to get this and read it. What a great way to end this story ! Lauren Hawkeye you rocked this one.

One Wild Ride
I really loved the characters in this story. It's a well written short story about a hook up between a good girl looking for a wild time and a hot Aussie rocker. This is a quick, fun, hot, and sexy read.

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