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A trio of mind-blowing explorations of space and time from a multiple Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author, “one of science fiction’s most revered writers” (USA Today).
For SFWA Grand Master Poul Anderson, humanity’s expansion into space exploration was the logical extension of the principle of individual liberty and a natural response to profound existential curiosity. He remained endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of limitless frontiers, penning “more milestones in contemporary science fiction and fantasy than any one man is entitled to” (Stephen Donaldson). Here are three of Anderson’s most memorable tales of time and space travel.
There Will Be Time: Born with a strange genetic mutation, Jack Havig can travel backward and forward in time at will. He’s journeyed to ancient Rome and the Wild West—and into the far future, to a world nearly obliterated by nuclear war. But after he is admitted into a secret time-traveling organization, he stumbles upon a horrific plot to irrevocably alter the destiny of humankind.
The Enemy Stars: In the twenty-third century, four astronauts hailing from different worlds have been entrusted to explore a long-dead star located light-years beyond where humanity has previously traveled. But when the black sun’s magnetic field destroys their only means of returning home, these four strangers must work together to survive—or together they will perish.
Fire Time: Fire Time is coming to Ishtar. This once-in-a-millennium environmental catastrophe occurs when one of the planet’s three suns encroaches on Ishtar’s surface. Indigenous nomadic tribes, desperate to escape scorched homelands that will be rendered uninhabitable, have declared war on their more civilized brethren to claim their territory. Caught in the middle are human colonists from Earth, searching for a solution to both civil war and an approaching apocalypse.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 27
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