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Three-Ways: Five Hardcore Threesome Erotica Stories

Bestselling erotica author Sara Scott presents five of her super-hot threesome sex stories.  If you want two men with one woman…it’s in there!  If you want two women with one man, it’s in there, too!  The sex is explicit and red-hot, so please…adults only!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit content.  Each story is about a threesome group sex event.  There is graphic lesbian sex, oral sex, and anal sex.  This is not for children and should only be read by adults who won’t be offended by mature sexual content. 

1. Taking My Husband's Virgin Buddy

When I found out my husband was bringing home his office friend, I was excited.  As the evening progressed and I discovered I’d get to introduce him to the world of sexual bliss, I was ecstatic!  After all, how often does a married woman get the chance to take a new man’s virginity?

2. Afternoon Dee-Light: Coraline Between Two Cocks (An MFM Threesome Short)

Coraline is one hell of a stripper, and she works hard for her tips, always giving the men what they want and always leaving them begging for more.  This time, though, she’s in for more than she can handle because two men want her at the same time and at a BDSM club, no less!  There’s no way Coraline can handle Dee and his large cock while another man is there.  On the other hand, she dances with the stage name Ginger.  If Coraline can’t handle a double team sex encounter, maybe Ginger can!

3. Curing Janet: An MFF Ménage Short

Janet has been hurt by too many men, so she’s sworn them off out of fear and pain.  Suzi, the incredible and beautiful nymph of a gymnast is ready to share her boyfriend with Janet to reintroduce her friend to the joys of men.  It’s a steamy mff ménage short that’s sure to please.

4. Double Penetration for the Bride: A Wedding Sex Wife Swap Double Team Short

Andy’s wife Elena is sexually aggressive, and he plans something special for her for a honeymoon present, the two sexy Hawaiians Keno and his wife Allani. The foursome is incredible, but it gets even more incredible when the sexy Hawaiian girl guides Andy over to his bride’s virgin a*****e while her own husband is already in her pussy!  It’s an amazing double penetration for a brand new wife!

5. The Double Penetration of Doris: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story

Doris is tired of people assuming that being a massage therapist means she’s screws everyone in sight!  So, she’s looking forward to the convention, and it’s nice to meet up with good friends she hasn’t seen in quite some time.  Tom and Terry are just as wonderful and handsome as she remembers!  She’s about to have new experiences with these two hunky men, a torrid threesome complete with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration!

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January 5
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Steven Smith

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