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Thresher is a man who has a desire to obey the signs that he receives from God. His faithful obedience comes from an inner strength that is fueled by innocence guided by wisdom and directed by a deep desire to serve God. His journey describes some of the spiritual world that we normally do not see but is very active around us. 

Throughout his sojourn, his encounters will apply common sense to the science we already know about our corporeal existence and extend them to offer a possible explanation to how the spiritual world can operate.

Although he has angels that interweave our world with theirs and engage in battle with evil at every turn, they are not his "Guardian Angels". They are deployed not to protect Thresher, but to ensure Gods request is fulfilled in him. 

With a pragmatic view of both science and the ethereal, not only can the two coexist but actually function to complement one another. By bringing the two viewpoints into a closer harmony, feathers get ruffled on a variety of planes: from fallen angels to the secular, and from the church goer to learned clergy.

Through observation of real world events, Rod has put Thresher in many scenarios that reflect a very true representation of everyday encounters between those who humbly seek God and the opposition that evil so tangibly places in their path. The success that the Devil has in corrupting the pew is astonishing and the secular world chooses to view only that element of the Christian faith. 

As William Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves." The quote points a lot of tragedy not to somewhere, or someone else but to ourselves. Evil exists because we allow it to. Satan just hovers around offering exhortations to continue in our pursuit of it.

Through the use of fiction, Biblical truth plays out in the character's interaction with a host of individuals from different walks of life. As he does so, evil goads the egos in their human nature sending him into spiritual confrontations with oftentimes uncomfortable, even painful, results.

The scenarios that Thresher encounters will challenge people to their very core as they come to the realization that their walk is a far cry from where it needs to be. Yet, such a walk is not nearly as difficult as the world would portray it. Such introspection for any individual will awaken them to consider that the life of a Christian is not what they expected nor is what they have feared.

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July 1
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