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The Quetzan saga continues in Throngs of Misfits, the second in the epic series The Assembly of Thirteen. In this book the disparate tales of individuals met throughout The First Two Companions, begin to coalesce. But nothing is straight forward, so our heroes fight on.
June Dunbar was the first Companion, the Blue Judge Companion. She triggered the beginning of the Assembly, but she had to abandon Opal, one of her charges, at the Athany Castle while she went to save another. Now she finds more than just the mountains blocking her return. But Opal is not safe. She must leave the castle or be captured by the Emperor’s men.
Emperor Klastos has his own plans. He fears losing his throne, and needs only to arrest and kill one Gift-Vessel to prevent the gathering of the Assembly. Of course, all eight would ensure his plans are not thwarted.
The second Companion, Kara Ter Kushtaneo, was transformed out of despair, by love and hope. She is the Red Companion, though entirely unprepared and lacking the training. Kara acquires two Gift-Vessel charges to protect, though one is not technically her own. But she can’t seem to find a way back through the Emperor’s blockades.
And now the Black Companion, the third Judge, arises. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, he is released from his cocoon into the desert—transformed, yet lacking the understanding of his new power and responsibilities. But the metamorphosis has generated a companion of his own. One who does have the knowledge and will guide and instruct.
Will June, Kara and the Black Companion manage to secure the safety of the eight? And where is the Green Companion, the fourth Companion Judge? Follow our heroes as they journey and evade the Emperor’s soldiers, meeting and gathering into their folds the various Gift-Vessels and potential candidates for the Assembly.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 8
Omayra Velez
Smashwords, Inc.

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