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As my title may suggest, taking a long view of a field from the limited perspective of one's own career is fraught with peril. There are many opportunities for error, in which case I could be accused of having the "wrong view;" my perspectives could be poorly informed or articulated ("dim view)"; I could wax on like this and end up presenting "no view". It has been my good fortune, throughout my career, to stand in some high cotton. Specimens of this crop also are represented in these pages. I have endeavored to be a scholar of their work. To the extent that my scholarship has been successful, I have some inkling about the topics they will address. Being something of a deviant, I will attempt a slightly different tack. Let me start with a brief personal history. I like to tell people that I began my special education career as a consumer. That isn't quite true; I was never identified nor received special education services. I was, however, adjudicated as delinquent at the age of 17, dropped out of high school and entered the Navy, which provided me with reasonably well-structured time to mature. I exited military service with a GED and a desire to obtain a higher education degree, so I enrolled in Kansas State Teachers College (now Emporia University), majoring in English and Psychology. A series of events led me to a teaching position in special education, and from there to a master's degree in school psychology, and doctoral studies in special education at the University of Kansas. Jim Kauffman and I were in the same cohort of doctoral students under Richard Whelan. Dick Shores was just finishing his program there, and I took over his position as a psychologist at the Children's Rehabilitation Unit. We had a wonderful graduate school experience; not only did we study under some great researchers and teachers at KU (including Don Baer, Montrose Wolfe, Ogden Lindsley, Earl Butterfield, and Todd Risley), but Dick Whelan also brought a number of great special education pioneers as guest lecturers: Lloyd Dunn, William Cruickshank, Newell Kephart, and John Johnson, among others.

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