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“Exciting and intense finale!” - Reader Review

Damian Cavallo finally has the love of his life back in his arms after a very close call. There’s only one problem; their enemies are still at large — and they’re wreaking havoc on New York.

Forced to enlist the assistance of a rebellious Syndicate ally, Damian finds himself back in Greece, this time to hunt Stefano Anastos. But when Aria insists on playing a part, Damian must find a way to balance his desire to protect her against her fiery will.

Aria Fiore has a secret — one she doesn’t dare share with Damian until their opponents are vanquished. Determined to fight alongside Damian for their future, she holds the secret close, knowing he would never allow her to be in harm’s way if he knew.

When they find out where their final enemy is hiding, Aria is more determined than ever to eliminate him — even if it means putting her future with Damian at risk. Their mission takes them to an exotic country, pitting them against the one man who has cost Aria everything — and forcing them to test the theory that love conquers all.

October 27
Blackthorn Press
Michelle Zink

Customer Reviews

Megankrog ,

From the ashes came Life

I love Aria and Damian’s story! They have the perfect mix of love and understanding that rivals most other book couples. In this last book we get resolution to the most darkest demons in their lives. Aria grapples with the revenge and the life she is growing in her. While she wants revenge and wants to be the one to take it out, she has this tiny life that has made it a mission she is giving her soul mate. This isn’t an easy task for her but knowing Damian is the one to do the job makes her have some peace.
Damian wants to protect and shelter Aria for the rest of his life, but his perfect mate, wants anything but protection and shelter-she wants revenge.
Their deepest and darkest desires come to a head in this final installment. New revelations unfold that will forever change their lives. I give this book a 5 star because who doesn’t love a man loving a woman, and just the right danger?

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