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Okaaaay. So we opened a book, followed a little curious girl called Alice, fell through a hole, kept following Alice who followed a certain gentleman called the White Rabbit, saw her eat and drink mysterious stuff that made her grow and shrink, nodded at the wisdom of the caterpillar enjoying his hookah, had tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare (very pleasant company indeed, by the way), witnessed Alice’s trial in the Red Queen’s court, raised an eyebrow and puffed at the tantrums the said queen threw her way and so on and so on. What next?

If you too, like us and the rest of Alice fanatics from all over the world, are never tired of reading and re-reading this little wonder of a book which can be called the most marvellous, humorous, witty, tender, sharp, ambiguous, delightful, enjoyable, magnetic, un-put-down-able (here, we said it!) book in the entire of all libraries’ paradises, and can’t skip a comma while devouring it, then you will say hurray today as we bring forth the second instalment of Alice’s adventures, this time in the realm of the looking glass. 

Here’s a quick quote that will surely raise your expectations:

"The time has come," the Walrus said, 

"To talk of many things:

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax—

Of cabbages and Kings—

And why the Sea is boiling hot—

And whether pigs have wings.”

So, if you, like us, believe that there are six impossible things happening before breakfast, that in order to catch yourself while running (after yourself, of course) you have to run twice as fast, thing you should also do if you want to remain in the same place (puzzling, ain’t it?), that nonsense is the wisest thing in the world and the Jabberwocky’s language the most wonderful mumbling that was ever uttered, that the rule is always "jam-to-morrow and jam yesterday but never jam to-day" (oh boy, oh boy, what a pity), then what areyouwaitingfor?! Go jump through that mirror and plunge into the book right now! Off you go now, go, go, go!!!

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August 12
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