Through The Looking Glass Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass

Awakening Your Inner Alice

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"How strange it is, to be anything at all."

Everybody loves Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's mad-beautiful tale of one young girl’s trip down into the under-world, through the looking glass—and back again. The reason it is so beloved by people of every age, race, creed, and religion is because of its poignant reflection of the inner-journey, the process and unfolding of self-discovery. Not everyone knows this; some just know that the story enchants them, and that it's full of imagination and wonder. Whatever your take is on the story, if you're reading this…chances are you're a fan. Chances are that this story has called to you at various points in your life, and that it still calls to you, and that is not coincidental…for there are pieces of yourself still hidden in this story, and Alice's journey…is your own.

Every character in every story that's ever been told is a part of yourself; a representation of all the parts that make up the whole of your being. It’s like when you interpret a dream—every character in the dream is ultimately you, a part of you… a fragment of the whole. The stories, myths, and legends of our time all work to resolve these fragmented pieces, to bring them to the whole, and to return us to the truth of our being.

Like a secret code that has now been deciphered, this book reveals the messages hidden in this beloved classic tale, and will help you to unfold your own mystery, understand your own story, and reclaim your own hero—so that you may rise, fearlessly, into the Wonderland of life itself.

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March 1
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