Through the Veneer of Time

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If not for "The Ghost"—her FBI husband's gruesome case—Siena Forte's life would have been perfect. But not when the D.C. serial killer is hunting women like her, and when her husband is so unsettled by this case, he refuses to discuss it. It's a miracle her art career is thriving at all. And not only her career.

When Siena lands a medieval mural commission at the National Gallery of Art, she discovers a bizarre knack for astral projecting to her past life. In a lucky strike, her visions of love and prominence in medieval Ireland are just the creative inspiration she seeks.

What Siena doesn't know is her vivid depiction of the past exposes her to someone she has met before—the serial killer, reborn in this century just like her. But when a vicious attack from the past reverberates into the present, Siena's life unravels in a chilling parallel.

Silenced and alone, she discovers the true reason for her visions. They're not the creative inspiration they seemed, but a harbinger of her centuries-old revenge vow, and the killer cannot be stopped until she fulfills it. But there is another person from the past with unfinished business—her husband. And another unwelcome déjà vu—their crumbling marriage, once again precipitated by the serial killer's crime.

March 30
Champagne Book Group
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Aniyue ,

Interesting and delicious

I enjoyed this book and the author's writing. It is well written, with an interesting story and compelling characters. I will note that this story does deal with rape (tastefully done), but reader be aware in case of triggers.

This is part of a trilogy, but never fear, this book ends well WITHOUT a cliffhanger. The current book does have three parts, which is a little confusing, but again, it ends well and you are not left in suspense.

The story is less mystery, more compelling storyline. Who is doing the murders was never in question, but why and how they connected ate up my brain cells.
I also really appreciated how much I wanted to know more about Ireland after reading this. From the scenery, to the characters, I felt a part of the land. It is a little hard at times to get into her use of Gaelic, as there are no translations in the text, but she does give a glossary in the back if you really HAVE to know. Most of it is self explanatory and none of it is essential not explained in the plot.

In terms of spice levels, this isn't fade to black, but it is also left purposely vague. We experience the mind blowing sex, without actually being involved. This was a solid PG-13 for me and I liked that. If however you are reading this for the sex, not necessarily what you are looking for. It is a romantic novel, but not a steamy romance novel.

The author in the preface mentions some triggers and while the rape is an intense scene, I believe it is in no way glorifying the sensitive subject. She writes all of her scenes with impressions more than descriptions, which is what makes this scene powerful, but not overwhelming.

My only downside to this book would be the middle. We wallow a little too long for my liking with one of characters, but the author mentions how she tried to make her characters true to life and even in their mistakes and mishaps, I believe she remains true to her goal.

Overall a solid start to a promising series. I liked her characters and her setting. It is worth the read.

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