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One evening changed two lives: Ten years ago, a home invasion nearly took the life of a 15-year-old girl, and Zachary Evans became an inadvertent hero. Following the traumatic experience, Zachary pursued a career in law enforcement, becoming a man on a mission. Content with a solitary life, a new case suddenly drops on his desk. It's a continuation of the events that still haunt his dreams, and the new information sends Zachary in a desperate search for his childhood friend. Knowing that his suspects believe her to have something they want, it is a race to find her before they do. Emotionally and physically scarred following her experience, Emery Flores disappeared into the mountains of Colorado, becoming a reclusive artist with a purpose. Wanting just to be left alone, she is shocked when a face from her past appears at her door. With news she does not want to hear, Emery is reluctantly thrown back to events she would rather deny. Everything happens for a reason: Trapped together during a mountain snowstorm, Zach and Emery are forced to confront the past and in the process renew their bond. As man and woman, they find their connection goes much deeper than they thought and long buried feelings re-emerge. But the danger is coming, and Zach finds out that it extends beyond Emery’s case. With ties to a human and drug smuggling ring that claimed the life of a police officer, Zach realizes that Emery may just be the key to blowing the case wide open. But one question remains: can he risk the woman he loves for justice? "Ms. Scott has a way of capturing the reader and drawing them into the story. I felt the desperation, pain, love and urgency throughout..." Book Reviews by Tima

February 14
Collette Scott
Smashwords, Inc.

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Linda-Author ,

An American Story of Hope

Through Winter Skies is a story of hope, painted vividly in the full spectrum of emotion's color. Gritty and real, it's a dramatic contemporary American story that's beautifully written. The author has a gift of understanding the nuances of relationships, making them believable to the reader. Foreshadowing events without giving away plot and building page-turning suspense are two of Scott's talents as an author. Through Winter Skies is certainly an emotional journey where you're invested in the characters; I dare you to finish this novel without shedding a tear.

Aggressive consumer ,

Loved it !!!!

Love this series. Always love your characters. This was so realistic, your heart breaks over and over for 'squirt'. I also liked how a few loose ends were tied up from other Evans' books. Loved it from start to finish. My sleep and housework have suffered from this book...

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