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The framers of the Constitution understood they did not have the foresight to predict what changing circumstance might bring to future generations. They designed a Constitution which is open to amending in response to the concerns of later eras.

The original US Constitution was not itself designed to meet the circumstances precipitated by the dangers posed in the age of nuclear weapons. Clearly no one at the time could have foreseen such an issue arising. Recent bad choices in Congress emphasize that the Constitution now needs some adaptation to deal with the nuclear menace & an imbecile Congress that still doesn't get it.

On 26 October 27 the Lower House near unanimously passed a bill, Iran Ballistic Missiles and International Sanctions Enforcement Act – HR 1698; which despite what its name suggests, is a paltry attempt at ordering the President not to review Security Council sponsored sales to Iran of bundled procurement packages comprised of nuclear & ballistic missile weapons associated assets – in compliance with Obama's "Iran nuclear deal;" but in violation of the "Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty" co-authored by the US and the Soviet Union.

It's pretty simple how the bill tries to keep the US in the game selling of approving sales to Iran of nuclear weapons associated assets, and the writing explains it.

Naturally the suckers' bet bill didn't go anywhere; and Trump was clearly getting fed up with all the ludicrous attempts of Congress to keep the US in an unconscionable deal which menaces United States, & international security; and violates treaty made under the Authority of the United States Constitution. As is well known, President Trump withdrew the US from the deal.

One might bear in mind that the 115th Congress forcibly agitated to keep the US in the deal. As of Oct. 2020, US arms dealing interests were to be allowed to begin selling conventional class weapons to Iran, including combat aircraft; battleships; tanks and other heavy artillery. There was potential profit there for some dealers if the US stayed in the deal. There would be a lot of disappointed interests out there if suddenly they weren't going to be allowed to engage the sport that Previous President Obama had promised.
The 115th Congress aggressively stood in support of those interests.

The position of Congress was to forego the Constitution, international treaty & law; in favor of arms deals provided for in the Obama Iran deal. The 115th Congress can be most reasonably construed by the electorate, as completely corrupt.

However, as is examined in the writing, there is nothing currently in the Constitution which responds to a situation where an entire congress goes entirely corrupt.

Two amendments dealing with universal corruption in Congress are suggested in this book; both approaching 2 different aspects of the problems posed the nation by the exclusive current two party driven system of governance.

A substantial amount of background on the Constitution is best introduced to the reader so that the coherence of the amendments will be more immediately clear. Aspects presented will include
–Fundamental underlying principles from which US Constitution was derived; including the origins of a representative Constitution as opposed to governance by a body of dictates handed down from a despotic power:
–Discussion on the difference between usurpation on the one hand; and a constructive government formulated by and representing the People.
–Origins, the bringing into being of the US Constitution;
–Constitutional recognition of the necessity of providing for amendments to that instrument.
–Constitutional restrictions placed on the content of a proposed amendment
–Modes of making an amendment; bringing it into being;
– Status of an amendment within the Constitution.
These issues once having been touched upon, the writing proceeds to description and explanation of the two amendments proposed.

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January 10
Jean-Marc Lebouquin
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