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“Stirring and dramatic ... a unique look at sexual harassment. [An] unflinching and unapologetic ... story of corporate corruption and impropriety ... delves into the gritty reality of inner office liaisons. “Thump” is thought provoking and poignant long after the last page turns. I highly recommend it!” T. Staley, Penn Book Review.

“There is something captivating when we mix spicy sex, lust, greed, and a protagonist that acts with such abandon as long as the end justifies the means. Well-paced plot ... a thoughtful and gripping narrative ... never a dull moment ... highly entertaining.” The Examiner

"A well-written, attention-grabbing courtroom room drama about sexual harassment and the persistence of racism. Engaging ... realistic ... honest ... provocative [as] the typical roles in a sexual harassment case are reversed. [It] builds to a climax that rivals other mainstream authors in this genre. This is the kind of book you cannot put down until you figure out the resolution." Jason Lolus, Pacific Book Review.

T.M. Jefferson (“Thump”), a handsome African American man, joined a venerable investment firm in Baltimore five years ago as a junior analyst. Henrietta Kingman, a white partner in her fifties, took him on as her lover and protégé, rewarding him with promotions and bonuses. But when Thump falls in love with a young nurse and attempts to end the relationship with Kingman, she fights back with unbridled viciousness. Faced with losing everything he holds dear, Thump files a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment. The dramatic trial cracks the facade of wealth and privilege, exposing the ugly truth – and then some.

Thump is a unique character in several ways: He is an inner-city black kid who has made it in a white-collar profession; he is a black man who works in a white men's business and is sexually used by an white female boss; and, most unusually, he is a man who dares to sue for sexual harassment. This story not only turns sexual harassment on its gender head, but also charges it with intense racial acrimony.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 24
Avraham Azrieli
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Rusesulliv ,

A great twist on quid pro quo in the workplace

Thump is about a young black man trying to work his way up in a predominantly white company where his employment is tied to his willingness to trade sex for favors with his female boss as well as her prospective clients. It's a plot line that has been written over and over about women but rarely about a man, especially a man that would appear to be strong and powerful. The ensuing court drama that results when he refuses to continue sleeping with the boss highlight the anguish and embarrassment he faces as a victim that doesn't look like anybody's victim. The story takes you very much into the mind of the lead character, and through his realization that he's got very few options and none of them appealing.

Martin Alex ,


Just an awesome creation by Avraham. The suspense throughout the story left me feel so excited. It's a page turner! The sexy plot line, drama, reality - all blended superbly till the end.

The story of a young black man who works for a prominent investment firm is nicely plotted here. The sexual harassment directed at him from his powerful white boss and the surroundings are organized in an awesome way.

However, I am really surprised through the writing. It is fast paced story where characters are nicely developed. Avraham did an incredible job, I'm pleased. All suspense lover should taste 'Thump' and hope, none will remain unsatisfied.

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