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When the Duke of Danby comes to London for the Season, anything can happen!

Thwaring the Duke contains...

Ava Stone's Lady Hope's Dashing Devil
Lady Hope Post has suffered the most rotten luck over the last year. She’s lost the love of her life. Her great-uncle and Machiavellian matchmaker the Duke of Danby has a special license just waiting for her somewhere. And after one tiny little phaeton accident in the park, the most devilish earl attempts to blackmail her over the incident.
Thaddeus Baxter, the Earl of Kilworth has every intention of restoring luster to the earldom he’s inherited from his ne’er-do-well cousin, but when an adventurous lady upends his phaeton in the park, all of Thad’s perfectly respectable plans are tossed out the window. What are the odds he’d cross paths with the same girl who’d nearly brought down his cousin’s earldom in the first place? And what are the odds he’d lose his heart to her as well?

Julie Johnstone's It's In the Duke's Kiss
Lady Emmaline Radcliffe always knew she never wanted to marry a man who embraced the rules of Society. But when her mother threatens to secure a suitable match for Emma if she cannot make one on her own, Emma sets out to determine if her girlhood infatuation is the love she’s been looking for. Nathaniel did save her life once, after all. But when she finds herself in the arms of the gentleman’s brother—the serious and proper Duke of Blackbourne—she begins to question all she ever thought she desired.

Lucian, the Duke of Blackbourne, is tired of playing keeper to his irresponsible brother. He vows to quit, but when his brother resolves to seduce the impetuous Lady Emmaline, Lucian knows he must save his foolish brother and the innocent debutante from themselves. Yet his plan to intercede goes awry when he finds himself drawn to the woman who is everything he was positive he didn’t want in a wife.

But his brother won’t give up so easily, and soon Lucian’s well-intentioned plans are revealed. Now to keep Lady Emmaline’s heart he must prove that he’s truly not the stuffy, sneaky duke he seems to be.

Sue London's Her Reluctant Lord
Miss Agatha Chase has more than enough problems simply keeping her household together, with three younger brothers and one aged servant. Now a great-uncle she's never heard from before has offered to sponsor her for a Season in London. She is far too old for such frivolity, but everyone tells her that you don't say no to a duke!

Laurence Garner has unexpectedly inherited his brother's title, Viscount of Rothering. He's a man of honor, but the tiresome duties of nobility chafe for a man used to the open sea. And now he's squiring an insipid miss around London as a favor for a friend! If only something exciting would happen.

May 17
Ava Stone
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Deiatra Dee ,

That Duke of Danby

Lady Hope’s Dashing Devil – Ava Stone
Lady Hope Post’s life was devastated by the untimely death of the man she loved. Now, a year later, she doesn’t care whose wife she is to become at the hands of her great uncle, the Duke of Danby. Even though she doesn’t care she is horrified by her sister’s actions in bringing a gentleman up to scratch even though she doesn’t love him; and amused by the lengths her cousin will go to to avoid the Duke picking out his wife.
Thaddeus Baxter, Earl of Kilworth, is striving to restore the family name after the death of his rogue cousin, the former Earl of Kilworth. He is definitely not looking for a wife.
A carriage mishap, “blackmail”, and unspoken apologies soon prove that a person may not always get what they thought they want.
As always, a delightful tale by Ava Stone; she has an amazing talent for making the reader feel the characters emotions all while wanting to shake sense into them. Looking forward to what she has in store next for the Post family. (Other members have been featured in previous box sets and have been released on their own – each can be read as a stand-alone.)

Her Reluctant Lord by Sue London
With younger brothers with nicknames like Fox, Timid, and Trouble it’s no wonder that Agatha Chase has little thought to her future. Taking care of these three and trying to keep their home together consumes all her time. That is until a messenger from her great-uncle, the Duke of Danby, arrives with a dictate that she is to be sponsored for the season by a friend of her late great-aunt; something that Agatha does not want; but thinking of the benefits for her brothers, she agrees.
Laurence Garner, Viscount of Rothering, wants to return to his naval position; he does not want the title that belonged to his brother before he did a foolish thing which cost him his life. Laurence abhors the title and the responsibilities that go with it – he’d rather be ordering his crew about than managing estates and he definitely does not want a wife. Laurence sense of honor and loyalty find him agreeing to help his best friend out when said friend asks him for a favor – go to London and escort the great-niece of the Duke of Danby.
Coached in the ways of the ton Agatha plays the part of a simpering miss to perfection while seething about the obnoxious lord who is attending her. Irritated that he has been wrangled into squiring this simpering miss about Laurence soon comes to realize there is more beneath the lady’s veneer.
Brothers who cause trouble, a lively sponsor, a harridan of a great-aunt add the right touch to the interaction between Agatha and Laurence.
Sue London writes in a way that the reader feels the way Agatha and Laurence feel in their thoughts and actions with the other. A sweet tale of “don’t judge the book by its cover”.
It’s In the Duke’s Kiss by Julie Johnstone
Lady Emmaline Radcliffe has loved Lord Nathaniel since she was eight years old; since the day he wiped a tear from her check and the ball he asked her to dance when no one else would. Now if she could only get his attention to see if he is as she remembers to hopefully garner a proposal. Which is what leads her to The Serpentine, Hyde Park ice skating. After begging her older sister to stay a little longer, Emmaline skates off towards Lord Nathaniel and his older brother the Duke of Blackbourne who is the epitome of the type of man she will not marry. Her mission complete Emma skates away from Nathaniel and the scowling Duke only to be joined later by Nathaniel. What happens next will change her life in ways she never imagined.
Lord Nathaniel, profligate second son, lives his life with reckless abandon. Never serious about anything or anyone he seems to live to thwart his older brother, the stodgy, serious, controlling Duke of Blackbourne. Always thumbing his nose at his brother Nathaniel sets out in pursuit of the lovely Lady Emmaline Radcliffe setting events in motion that changes everything while changing nothing.
Lucien, Duke of Blackbourne, is constantly cleaning up his brother’s messes, which is the reason he is looking for a calm wife – he needs peace in his life. Tired of Nathaniel’s childishness Lucien vows to let Nathaniel suffer the consequences of his next screw up; until it threatens the life of the lovely Lady Emmaline.
An act of heroism, misunderstandings, matchmaking mamas, the Duke of Danby, an angry brother, and a searing kiss may change what the hero and heroine think they want.
As always, a wonderfully written story by Julie Johnstone. Ms. Johnstone’s ability to draw the reader into the story had this reader wanting to scream, smack heads, and kick some sense into one of the brothers.

Redhotpv ,

Three great books from three very talented authors

Book 1 - Lady Hope’s Dashing Devil by Ava Stone
An overturned phaeton in the park is the start of an entertaining story. The heroine (Lady Hope) is a free-spirited woman who is holding on to the love of a man who died. It was the heroes phaeton (The Earl of Kilworth) that she damaged which starts the amusing story. The Earl fights his attraction to the lady, but the elusive Earl of Danbury has plans for them! Will they both find what they are looking for? This is a very good story that will keep you entertained from start to finish.
Book 2 - Her Reluctant Lord by Sue London
Agatha (our heroine) is charged with taking care of her two younger brothers - a daunting task - so she has no time to find a love match for herself as she puts her brothers above everything else. Laurence, the Viscount of Rothering, assumes his title as the result of the death of his brother and is clearly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Now his best friend asks a favor of him - escorting the niece of the Duke of Danbury around London which the Viscount accepts. Agatha acts like a “Lady” hiding her true self, and the Viscount thinks that she is a beautiful but simpering and boring miss. If she does not show her true self will she discover love? Will the Viscount ever discover who she really is? Read this very amusing story and find out if the niece of the elusive Duke of Danbury finds her HEA. Another great read from this author!
Book 3 - It’s in the Duke’s Kiss by Julie Johnstone
Ah, young love! It’s wonderful, but do we really know who we love when we are so young? Lady Emma has loved Nathaniel for a very long time. Nathaniel is a charming but reckless, devil-may-care rake with no thoughts of responsibility. Nathaniel’s older brother is the very staid Duke of Blackbourne who tries to guide his reckless younger brother without success. Will Emma discover who Nathaniel really is? Will she find love? if so, who will it be with? If the Duke of Danbury has anything to say about it then she will have a shot at finding her true love. Loved, loved, loved this story! Julie has a way of pulling me into a story that leaves me breathless and wanting more. I was totally captivated by the characters and the story. Very well done! Very talented author!

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