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For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with Paxton West. I've planned our wedding in my head a million times. What our babies would look like. How we would grow old together and still play our favorite game— Tic-Tac-Toe. 

However, we have one problem. 

Paxton doesn't believe in true love, soul mates, or happily ever after. Oh, did I also tell you he doesn't want kids? It also means I can't explain to him that he's the only guy for me, or about my—our—current situation. 

The past started with a game of X's and O's. 

Then came the miles and miles that kept us apart. 

Next came tequila shots... They're never a great idea. 

Now, more than ever, the future scares the crap out of me. If my plan backfires, I could not only lose my best friend but the love of my life. 

Dang those tequila shots

March 14
A.M. Willard
Annelle Willard

Customer Reviews

scottnl73 ,

Cute friends-to-lovers story

I like a good friends-to-lovers story and was excited to read this, and quite enjoyed the story. Of course a lot of the issues could have been avoided if Paxton and Annabelle just communicated with each other, but at the same time I could understand why they didn’t want to for fear of destroying their lifelong friendship. I will say that I’m not Annabelle’s biggest fan; I felt there were times that she was selfish, but I also understand that a reader isn’t going to like every character they meet in a book. Overall though I liked the story and I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Willard.

Topgrannie ,


Another delightful book by A.M. Willard! Ms. Willard has a talent for developing characters and plots that draws you in and holds you until the end of the book and this is a classic example of it. The story stretches from childhood friends to grown up lovers bound by the simple game of tic tac toe. I was given an ARC of the book and have voluntarily chosen to write this review. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can heartily recommend it.

Mrsttho ,

X’s and O’s

This was a cute story about two kids that were destined to be together. However neither one of them took that leap of faith until they were adults. That’s when it all got interesting. Paxton knew that if he ever settled down, it would be with Belle. However Belle was not sure that Paxton felt that way about her. That is, until one night that changed both of their lives forever. This book was soooo good. I absolutely love the main characters, and the supporting characters in this book. Jace was a trip, and he had me laughing almost every time he was mentioned. A MUST READ!

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