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“I am fire. I am destruction. I will be their nightmare.” 

The veil fell. Demons are here. Muse knows she can stop the slaughter, but to do so, she must return to the battle-scarred streets of Boston and face the cold, hard, truth. Her old life is ashes. Her love, turned to dust. But all is not lost; a spark of hope remains. A spark from which an inferno can blaze. 

To stop the demons claiming Earth as their own, Muse must unite those capable of repairing the veil. The Dark Court, led by her Prince of Lust father, seek to recruit her to their cause. They want the veil destroyed for good; for chaos to reign for eternity. She will need to manoeuvre around their deadly intentions, and enlist the King of Hell’s help, before it’s too late. 

For Muse to succeed, she must survive her father, save her soul, resurrect her love, forgive her enemies, and betray a trust. She must be everything she can be—demon and human. She must be their nightmare. 


In this, the fifth and final Veil Series book, we return to where it all began. To the netherworld, where once a wretched half-blood girl surprised the Prince of Greed. To a world where ‘hope’ is fantasy, and ‘love’ a disease. 

Muse is ready to take the fight to the demons. Are you? 

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance 

Sub-Genre: Demons. 

Due to adult themes and scenarios this book is recommended for +18's. 

The Veil Series Reading List: 

Wings of Hope (Prequel novella) 

Beyond The Veil (#1) 

Devil May Care (#2) 

Darkest Before Dawn (#3) 

Drowning In The Dark (#4) 

Ties That Bind (#5)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 9
Pippa DaCosta
Phillippa Lancaster

Customer Reviews

Sara0024 ,

LOVE the entire series

I only started the veil series six weeks ago! I literally couldn’t put it down. Pippa has a way of describing and writing with such great detail that when I envision what’s happening I can see it ALL in my minds eye perfectly!

Thank you for this Series! I love every book and all the characters

Really looking forward to the chaos books and hoping to hear a lot from Akil, Muse, and Stephan! 💙💙

1lodom ,

The Veil series

This is a great book and series. I enjoy paranormal romance adventure books and I knew after the first book to savor the others in the group. It is always sad to finish a great series. If you read it start with the first book. Excellent

debbi2qlts ,

The Veil Series

Pippa DaCosta has given the reader a sit on the edge of your seat series delving into two words. Humanity will find the demon world at their door in a horrifying fight to the end. There are goods tart and bad in both worlds with a mystery of the main characters keeping you in suspense through all five books.
I will definitely be following Pippa for more of her highly entertaining books. You just can't put them down once you start reading " The Veil Series"

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