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KINETIC FORCE is publicly acknowledged as the best of the best America has to offer, taking candidates from all branches of the Armed Forces as well as other disciplines, but the work it performs is classified and therefore not public record. In fact, it performs specialized operations for the United States government, guaranteeing freedom and hope in the terrifying twenty first century. Once upon a time before politics got muddled, the US was considered the world's peace keeper and policeman. Kinetic Force upholds that noble heritage. Their keystone mission is to identify and defeat threats against these United States whether domestic or global. At present, their primary focus is the villainous organization SKORPION, a ruthless terrorist organization with operations across the globe.

Rikiki Hama operates under the code name Mongoose, a close quarters combat and infiltration specialist. While on leave, he heads into New York City to his favorite curiosity shop in the underground shopping mall beneath World Marketplace skyscraper. He expects fun discoveries in the bins. What he gets is a life and death struggle against a Skorpion saboteur.

The saboteur code named Light 'Em Up likes nothing more than to evoke terror through high grade demolitions. And he is the first to assure his brothers and sisters: business is booming. Working under direct orders from Skorpion high command, he had armed enough explosives to bring the World Marketplace building down. However, a quirk of fate will trap him in the building along with the civilian collateral as well as a member of the hated Kinetic Force.

These two men must face off against one another beneath a collapsing skyscraper while finding an exit route. Will they claw their way free before they are buried forever in Ground Zero of the greatest terrorist threat to strike American soil? Any way you look at it, these men are in TIGHT SPOTS.

Fiction & Literature
August 12
Twice Told Tales II
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