Time Alone With God:A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God

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"Time Alone with God: A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God," is filled with inspirational words that will become words of encouragement to the reader as they take a personal journey with God…a journey that will lead them away from despair and bring them to a place of renewed hope.

The book has eight different sections, many chapters, and tidbits of hope throughout the book. The first section is dealing with an unsettled circumstance or the moment of adversity…the time when we feel the weakest. From there, we go into a section that helps us to understand, what can allow us to fall further into despair or what can lead us into other traps set up by Satan and then we do a study on Satan and the plan he has for keeping us in despair.

As we come to the center of the book, we will study the things that will help us to view our trials in a different way, so we can see them through God’s eyes, instead of our own. From there, we learn in section five, how we can weaken evil and as we enter section six, we begin to take a new turn away from our despair and study the things that will bring us to a healing. From there, we will enter section seven and learn how we can continue to press on with God’s help, especially after overcoming a previous circumstance.

As we enter the final section of the book…section eight, we will study a renewed hope that can usher us into the presence of God. In this section, we will study the peace of God…the peace that can calm any new storm that may arise. Then we will study different forms of love that can bring renewed hope back into our lives and finally, we will view eternity, as the final step of our journey. In this chapter, we will study how important it is to remain close to God, especially during times of adversity and we will come to see, that each choice we make in life, can keep us doomed within our despair or our choice can be a means of God eternally lifting us out of despair.

We do not always understand the reasons for these moments of adversity but one thing we do know; is that with God in our lives, there is a way out… a means of walking beyond a powerful circumstance, to discover a greater connection with God!

Time Alone with God: A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God will lead you to words of wisdom; that come from a powerful God and will become one of the best motivational books you’ve ever read!

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November 11
Diane K Hiltz Chamberlain
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