Time for Me

More than Friends Along the Atlantic Coast… A Christian Romance Novella Prequel

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When art gallery archivist Sheryl Breckenridge tries to get world-famous sculptor Winton Pace to display his artwork at Simon’s Gallery, she doesn’t expect him to fall in love with her. Will she reciprocate in this friends-to-more romance?

Time for Me is the prequel novella in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts series. We first meet Sheryl in Ask You Later (A Savannah Sweethearts Prequel) and Winton Pace in Draw You Near (Savannah Sweethearts Book 3). In Time for Me, we revisit Simon’s Gallery, which is mentioned a few times in previous Savannah Sweethearts stories.

She needs a personal favor…

Eight years ago, art gallery archivist Sheryl Breckenridge watched Abilene—the owner of the gallery she works in—break sculptor Winton Pace’s heart. Today, Abilene is happily married to someone else and has moved out of the country. Abilene still owns Simon’s Gallery in Savannah, Georgia, and that’s the sticking point. The gallery is not doing well and needs an infusion of publicity. The director wants Sheryl to persuade Winton to display some of his bronze sculptures in the gallery, in the hope of attracting more business. So off to Folly Island, South Carolina, Sheryl goes.

He needs a plus-one…

Winton Pace does not want to have anything to do with the gallery owned by his ex-girlfriend, Abilene. However, he needs a plus-one to his sister’s wedding in Charleston in a couple of days. When his good friend Sheryl shows up at his beach house, asking for a favor, he makes a deal with her. If she would accompany him to the wedding to appease his mother, he will let Sheryl take home a few of his bronze pieces to display at Simon’s Gallery.

Where do they go from here?

One thing leads to another, and Winton and Sheryl end up attending a charity dinner together in Atlanta. Where do they go from here? Does it help that seven years ago, Winton did ask Sheryl out, but she declined? They have remained friends all these years, but have things changed between them now?

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