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I wasn't the same person I was before my travels started.

And I'd never be the same again.

Calla's disappearance leads her family and friends to suspect that she’s lost. In a desperate attempt to find her, Valcas seeks help from a man he betrayed. A new search begins, one that sounds promising, even if it forces Valcas to confront his past.

The travel team reunites for a mission they never saw coming: a journey to a world caught between life and death, and hidden within the deepest recesses of time. Ivory rediscovers a friend and Ray learns the meaning behind his tattoo. But the connections they make between travelers and the lost may twist the core of the Time and Space Travel Agency inside out.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 9
Czidor Lore, LLC
Czidor Lore, LLC

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MellHay ,

We dig a little deeper into the world and what Calla's power can do.

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review, at my request.

Valcas doesn't know if he should go find Calla, but finds himself on the journey to find her. When he and Calla's family conclude she's lost, they try their hardest to find and save her. In doing so they learn secrets that the Time and Space Travel Agency wanted kept quiet. Things that could change everything as it's run now.

Jamie is new to me and new to the series. This book is from Valcas's POV so it brings in a male voice to tell the perspective. Then the story switches to Calla's POV in the last half, or Part 2 of the story. He does small changes for tones and feel of voices for different people; softer for female, scratch for older man, and proper for formal male speak.

It's been a while since I listened to the previous books. I think because of this the beginning feels larger than I'm ready for. It feels as though I'm getting a brood range of items all at once and not sure what is now and what has happened already. Valcas feels as though his mind is all over the place and makes it harder for me to narrow in on something.

Time is a tricky topic, and could be discussed in many angles for hours. The concept of time travel, daily reminders, slices of time, and much more are interesting concepts. They feel like topics I could debate and discuss with friends, based on the world created here. They would be deep and detailed discussions that would lead to more terms and ideas for the world. I really like them. There are moments I'm not 100% clear on details as we learn new aspects to the time traveling, like Chars. I first thought these were the Uproar, but figure out they are different. But, what are they or where from? What draws them to the travelers?

This book feels to spend time describing more rules and worries of the traveling. It also feels to be used to raise suspension of the TSTA (Time and Space Travel Agency). It feels slower in action as we learn about the lost and start to question why or how. We see Plaka and Calla do what they do best, heal. But the characters don't feel as personable to me in this story as they did in previous ones. Was it the narrator or the writing? I'm not sure. I didn't feel as drawn to them as I had before.

As I went through the book, it felt more and more as a transition to a new plot arc in the series, however it ends like it's the conclusion too. I liked the story and things we learned here, but at times I didn't see the connections of why things were connected or people were searching for things. Maybe if I had read the book, this way I could have re-read sections, it would sink in better. I don't know.

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