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Recovery can be achieved! Mankind has reached an epochal moment in its history and an exceptional crossroad in its evolution; on one hand, it faces a world economy that might be on the verge of possible multiple, virulent systemic failure of unfathomable consequences, while on the other, the opportunity to rise to the next plateau of prolonged economic development and prosperity. A unique possibility to witness a paradigm shift, potentially greater than the barter to a currency-based economy - an economic renaissance, the dawn of a new economic era.

This is a book meant for allthose who care about their future, and wish to make a difference in their endeavors. It touches your job, your business, your investments, your enterprises, your nation, your societies.

Our current economic models no longer seem able to provide answers to mounting feats or lasting solutions to greater number of irresolvable paradoxes in all domains, from debt to taxes, business closures to unemployment, loss of income

This book sheds light on a new perspective - an opportunity for economic recovery - revitalizing business, employment, investments but more importantly, a chance to reach a new phase in prolonged sustainable, development and prosperity that would otherwise remain blocked, hidden, not visible and or unfeasible. An economic renaissance, a rebirth.

It is about how you may influence and contribute - in shaping the foundations for employment, business, and investment possibilities in your field of activity independently of what you do for a living.

Its about pragmatic solutions that can be rolled-out in short time frames, but with potential geometric effects on economies. It focuses on the centrality of man, our planet, prolonged economic traction, re-linking investments and banking to the real economy in sustainable ways. It is about positive effects - on many sectors, be they private, public, large or small, industry, services, the markets, banking and financial sectors, all on the verge of the most significant shifts in their business models since their inception.

It is also about its impact - on national economies, a nations strategic stance, its competitiveness, policy and policy making, government, leadership and heads of state, and repercussions that will resonate in history.

It is about choices and resilience we can decide to master and steer transition towards the next evolutionary plateau of economic development or, surrender this leadership to others to choose new rules for us, and become mere followers or worst; compromise independence, democracy and freedoms or alternatively, continue being exposed to the destructive consequences of a potentially indefinite, self-consuming global crisis.

We have what it takes to succeed. Are you up to the challenge to make a difference to your life?

Finally, its about being able to look in the eyes of our sons, daughters and loved ones and feel weve chipped-in our share - just as our forefathers did before us - leaving a legacy of themselves in a humble recognition for a gift called life.

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April 3
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