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Dr. Terry Stevens just lost his job because he was working on one of his own experiments on company time and was told to focus on what he was getting paid for but Dr. Stevens far fetch dream was more important to him being at home in his own laboratory working on his own experiment than his boring job teaching physics at a university. It was no surprise to him that his days at the university were numbered so when the dean of the university called him in the office the next day and was handed the news his response was oh well. Dr. Stevens gathered his belongings from his desk and headed back home to tell his wife the news and she wasn’t about to welcome him with open arms about the news of losing his job.
When Dr. Stevens arrived home earlier than usual and his wife heard his car pull into the driveway she knew something was wrong because Dr. Stevens never came home early ever. Dr. Stevens grabbed his briefcase from the passenger’s front seat and got out of his car and already knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty sight when he opened the door and broke the news to her about losing his job. Right when he opened the front door to his house there stood just a foot away from him was his wife with both hands on her hips pointing her finger at him and said “Let me guess you lost your job!” in a stern voice. “Well honey it’s like this…. Dr. Stevens couldn’t finish his sentence because his wife lay in on him like a ton of bricks and her mouth ripped him apart as he took his brief case downstairs to his laboratory slamming the door behind him. Mrs. Stevens was banging on the basement door yelling for him to come upstairs and talk about why he got fired. Dr. Stevens yelled back telling her to leave him alone so he could finish his experiment.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 28
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

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