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Timeless Love Collection Part 2: 4 Historical Steamy Romance Short Stories

Total word count 23,668.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

Her Lady’s Choice
Georgina is at first unimpressed by her parents’ plans to match her up with Jonathan, a man she has never met, despite her father’s appeal to her of him being the son of an earl and possessing both excellent education and manners. As far as Georgina is concerned, she is looking for a man of mystery who stands out from the crowd, and she is very doubtful that her parents would find such a man for her.
But then comes her surprise when she finally meets Jonathan. He is completely different from how she imagined him; dashing and charming, he makes her knees go all weak just by being in his presence.
However, there is a second shock for her; it seems that Jonathan is not convinced she would be a good match for him, being in his eyes a mere inexperienced, naïve girl just out of the schoolroom.
Georgina now finds herself battling to show Jonathan there is more to her than meets the eye, that she is a woman who knows her own mind and possesses a great passion, a passion which Jonathan will soon find he will not be able to ignore!

The Insufferable Lady Grayson
Juliet Grayson is a notorious brat, determined always to have her own way, but she is soon to learn a lesson. When her family abandons her, she finds herself alone for the first time and does not know what to do next with her life.
Only one option presents itself: a marriage proposal from the Viscount Stanmore. She is reluctant to accept his proposal, despite spending sleepless nights reliving a passionate encounter she once had with the Viscount.
The Viscount has wanted Juliet from the moment he set his eyes upon her. He will never abandon her, but he knows that if he and Juliet are to have a successful marriage, he will have to tame her—both in and out of the bedroom!

The Infamous Earl of Cranmer
Marcus, the Earl of Cranmer, has a dark reputation for being a dangerous rake, but this does not stop Lydia taking up employment with him as his housekeeper when she finds herself desperately looking for somewhere to hide from her old troubles.
She is able to keep the earl at arm’s length and avoid any growing attraction between them, until a face from her past shows up bringing drama into her life once more. The earl becomes unwittingly entangled in Lydia’s affairs, as he sets himself up as her saviour and protector.
Causing Lydia to see the earl in a new light once more, and breaking down all her defences against him, she realises she is not impenetrable to his charms. It is now only a matter of time before they give into their passion for each other at long last!

At Her Duke’s Bidding
Catherine feels strongly that she should leave and part ways from the duke and his household after paying back her debt to him in more ways than one!
However, the duke will not let Catherine go so easily; he has never desired anyone in his life as much as he does Catherine. As a result, he is most unwilling to stop their passionate encounters that bring each of them so much pleasure.
Leaving Catherine very much frustrated, she knows she should resist the duke’s advances, but he has an unnerving effect upon her. When he is near, all her good intentions fall apart, with the maintenance of her self-control becoming the last thing on her mind!

Warning: Significant sexual content included within the story, strictly 18+ only

November 20
Lori Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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