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A witch with no loyalties… A Druid with a life-shattering secret…

Part witch, part demon, Sorcha’s been on the run ever since she escaped Hell’s gates. Bouncing through time, she’s managed to stay one step ahead of Rhea Roskelly, blackest of Black Witches, who wants her for her demon blood. Constantly looking over one shoulder is annoying, but freedom is worth any price.

Tavin used to be a Druid. Actually, he still is, but his magic took a decidedly unDruidlike turn a few years back. Rather than deal with his kinsmen, who’d be convinced he sold his soul to evil, he drops out of sight.

Things have changed since he left. A lot. Roskelly witches are part of the Druids’ community. To his dismay, another witch appears out of nowhere, except this one is half demon. Certain he must be mistaken, he drops his invisibility illusion to take a closer look. If Druids have been corrupted by Black Magic, he’ll have to intervene. The odds are hideous, but he has no choice.

January 8
Ann Gimpel Books, LLC
Ann Gimpel Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

hibdww ,

Time’s hostage is a true page turner that you won’t want to put down!

The last in the three part Elemental Witch series, Time’s Hostage does not disappoint. While this book, as well as the others, could likely be read as a standalone book, it is best to read the whole set in order to enjoy the complete story. It will not disappoint.

This is the story of Sorcha and Tavin. She is half demon/half witch and he is a Druid with special powers thrown in for good measure. For them, it is love at first sight. Their magic works in perfect harmony.

Once again, the black Roskelly witches are on the prowl. The only question is, have they finally found the right target with Sorcha or will she finally be the one who can turn the tide and banish them all.

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