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Times Tables the Fun Way teaches kids to learn multiplication by associating each fact with a colorful cartoon, story, and song. To teach 6x6, the story tells of twin sixes crossing the desert and getting low on water. The picture shows tired and drooping sixes, they are very thirsty sixes. Which sounds like 36, the answer to 6x6. Established in 1992 City Creek Press has been offering educational products that help kids succeed by developing a love of learning. Visual association and clever stories make learning fun and effective. Studies show a significant increase in retention of the multiplication facts using this method. Committing the times tables facts to memory is a core standard and a most valuable tool for all mathematical operations, including fractions, ratios, and algebra.

Young Adult
May 13
City Creek Press, Inc.
City Creek Press, Inc.

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Multi-sensory tool ,

Math Facts

This product is great for those children that require a multi-sensory teaching approach. I'm so glad I found it for my 9 year old that's trying really hard to memorize her multiplication facts.

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Great way to learn & review math facts

Sitting down and teaching kids math facts -- what a task! But not with the Times Alive Program! This is a great way to teach your kids their facts and even years later...have them sit down and review! It is easy on us parents too as not only have they made it fun and EXTREMELY MEMORABLE, but it is set up a way that you can have the kids do it themselves. My oldest is entering high school and my youngest is entering 4th grade. Without Times Alive I don't know how successful I would have been at teaching them their facts! Amazing! Recommend for everyone!

2478457855 ,

Times tables the fun way! Singing story books

I love this product! My son who is dyslexic could not learn the multiplication tables no matter what he tried. The catchy songs and cute pictures were the Velcro that helped stick the facts in his head. He not only memorized them but had fun doing it. I highly recommend this book.