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Tindr: Book Five of the Circle of Ceridwen Saga

The Lady of the Forest, Freyja, the Goddess of all woodland beasts, appears here on Midgard as a white hind. So great is her love for her deer that she herself comes in their guise. None has ever seen her; but if she permitted man but a glance, that is what they would see…

Tindr is handsome, kind, and the best hunter on 9th century Gotland. He possesses a deep empathy with animals, which powers his reverence towards the game he takes to survive. But he is also deaf, which closes him off from the society that surrounds him - and seemingly, from finding love.

Devoted parents and friends can’t protect young Tindr from the bully who taunts him, from jealousy that turns murderous, or from the threat of surrender to the allure of the Lady of the Forest, who might destroy him.

Tindr’s haven is the greenwood. It is home not only to the rabbits he snares, and the stags and boar he takes with bow and arrow, but to a rare creature of unusual beauty, a source of deepening fascination and wonder in Tindr’s life.

His silent world alters dramatically at the arrival of two strangers on the island - the Welsh-Saxon Ceridwen, and the Danish warrior Sidroc. He finds a new and fulfilling life with them at Tyrsborg. But will he ever find a woman to love him?

Tindr tells the story of this strange and haunting young hunter, living amidst a landscape of wild, wind-swept island beauty.

Tindr’s magic woods await you...

Fiction & Literature
March 12
Pyewacket Press
The Hall of Tyr AB

Customer Reviews

DaleFoss ,

Love this book.

A new, unique character that is a great add to the saga series.

Lamikims ,


I have enjoyed this series enormously but this book was for me a thing apart. Perfection. So deeply tied to the beating heart of the earth that it made my heart sing. Such a love of life, such an appreciation for all the earth and its creatures. What does it say "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ". Gratitude to the talented and gifted Octavia Randolph.

Pokey's Pal ,

The Circle of Ceridwen

I was hooked after the first chapter and I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in series. All the characters descriptions are vivid and the historical references are extremely entertaining.
I look forward to many more years of Ceridwen's life and family.

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