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On the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sinking, National Geographic revisits the romance, glory, and tragedy of this tremendous ship and presents an insider’s look at the new findings about the passengers and scientific study of the wreck site. For 100 years the great ship Titanic has rested in its final grave on the ocean floor, lost to deep ocean darkness until its 1985 discovery by National Geographic’s Bob Ballard. Relive the spell-binding tragic final hours of the ship in a detailed retelling of the famous story and learn the personal stories of lesser-known passengers, including the “guarantees.” For the first time since its discovery, Ballard travels to Belfast to interview descendants of the ship builders and the “guarantee group”—the ill-fated men who traveled on the ship’s first voyage to assure its seaworthiness. Understand underwater mapping techniques that have brought Titanic’s debris field into high resolution, and get a glimpse of current deep ocean scientific research on the wreckage and the future of underwater exploration.

March 20
National Geographic Society
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Traveler103 ,


Interesting. But the description says 312 pages. It is actually only 68 pages on the iPad . What gives ?

Feltonjohn ,

Kind of a rip off

I expected to see some photos from the recent highly publicized survey of the wreck site. Instead, you can find some interesting tidbits, but no real revelations for your $3. I say pass on this and buy the issue of Natgeo when it is available. It can't be more disappointing.

Woody the Woodchuck ,

Ok, I guess, but very short -- not 312 pages--and superficial

I suppose this was worth the $4 I spent for it, but it certainly was not 312 pages long. For the people who recommended waiting for the National Geographic issue containing an article on the Titanic, I'm not sure you'd be all that more satisfied by it--although the version available through Newstand does have a nifty animation of how Titanic sank. Like this book, it is way too superficial.

In any event, this book is VERY short (68 pages-- including photos, drawings--in the default font size, fewer in a more normal but smaller font), has a few interesting tidbits about passengers, etc. but really doesn't have much of a story to tell. The first chapter, entitled "The Tragedy" includes a brief summary of the launch, sailing, and sinking of Titanic; mostly a rehash of what you could find online. The second ("The Passengers") and third ("Current and Future Exploration of Titanic') are likewise short, once-over-lightly accounts. In the end, one gets the impression that this would be a reasonable length magazine article, but certainly not a book--not even a "short" book.

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