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The gruesome murder of a young woman named Brenda Salazar was only the first chapter in one of the most riveting crime stories in the history of Fort Worth, Texas. When it was all over, three young women were dead and a number of law officers were angry about the missed opportunities. The story came to a close in the killer's bedroom, where the detectives found a shop of horrors.

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April 29
Tim Madigan
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Meanus Genus ,

To Catch a Killer

After all these years I was amazed at finding this book. My eyes welled up with tears after learning who Krystal was, for I was one of the sheet officers that first stood over her at Marine Lake, and sat with DET Brannan in his car to tell him what we had. He did such a great job with this. I have often used her story over the years to share with young kids, particularly the at risk girls to try and teach them the dangers. I still find myself tearing up at times when doing so. I pray I never see another child whose life ends so. Not the images you want burned into your memory. I even almost met a similar fate at her age and use the story when on calls. Thanks to all those that worked to bring the monster to some degree of justice, and those that documented it all in this book. Now I can show the kids it is not something I made up, and now I know the whole story. God Bless You All. Happy Retirement DET Brannan. It was my honor to get to work with you, even just a little.

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