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Accused of consorting with demons in her home town, Xandrie flees, only to find herself in a greater danger. 

She’s a mere human woman, thrust in a brutal tournament pitting vicious dragons females against each other. 

Yet, she can’t find it in herself to give up, as the winner will Claim the throne, and more importantly, the hand of the enticing Dragon King. 

Age of Gold is a series of fantasy romance novels. The first volume may be read as a standalone.


Unlike many fantasy books, To Claim a King is NOT a clean read. Expect swear words and adult situations. If you enjoy your books free of f-words, this one isn't for you.

May 5
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Customer Reviews

ClaudiaS1234 ,

Good Read

The reason I don’t give this a five is because I thought the ending was too rushed, but other than that it was a page turner. The beginning is a bit slow, but it picks up after a few chapters.

Kimbo1216 ,

Too rushed

The book starts out great. Setting up the characters and developing them. The world needed more development though. They loved on Eartia, but there was no explanation of what that world looks like. What’s the technology and time like? Movies and toilets and hospitals are mentioned. But no phones? We know there is magic but that’s not really developed either. However, the lack of world building aside, the characters were likable. I really liked Xandrie but wanted to know more about her. The beginning makes it sound like she’s a blushing virgin but her time with the king (that’s not a spoiler the title gives it away) was not a scene for a virgin. That was actually where the book started to fall apart. The last 30-40% was rushed. The first half I kept thinking there is no way this book will end. I was even prepared to purchase the sequel. But the author quickly wrapped it up and left me unwilling to pay for the sequel even if I interested in those characters. There were was also a lot of run-on sentences and choppy word choices. I think with some editing and added chapters for development, this book would be much better. Especially the ending. Most of the epilogue was no epilogue. It was another chapter. Idk. I’m no writer myself but I do read a ton. So I’m basing my constructive criticisms off what I’ve read that has worked and hasn’t. And unfortunately, much of this didn’t work. BUT, the author’s concept is there. She had a great foundation. I truly believe this series could be vastly improved with some editing and expansion.

Tdktqbofe ,

Great, easy read!

Great book especially since it was FREE! The plot moves quickly and was an enjoyable read. At times I felt like there could have been more to it but after finishing the book I realized that it was great just the way it was. Definitely leaves you wanting more and wanting to read the next book to see how the series continues!

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