To Covet a Highland Criminal

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A Wicked Highland Misfits novel

Book Two: To Covet a Highland Criminal

Growing up as an orphan on the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland, Bran MacKay had a rough life. To save his adopted sister from paying for one of his past mistakes, he needs a large sum of money. Upon overhearing a plot to rob a business, he beats the thieves to the establishment. When he learns his actions could cost an innocent lass her business, he endeavors to make amends by secretly helping her earn back what he took. As he grows to care for her, he discovers a devious plot afoot to undermine her success, and it becomes harder for him to admit the truth of his part in her possible downfall.

Grace Andersen clings to her lost parents' memory by throwing her heart into running the family business. After her store is robbed and her absent brother returns to demand the missing profits, she sees one man as her savior, Bran MacKay. She knows he's a member of a notorious criminal gang, but his generosity moves her, and she begins to hope there can be more between them than a working relationship. When her brother makes an unthinkable demand, she believes she can survive because she's found the one man she can trust.

Will she be able to forgive him when she discovers that he took everything from her?

April 13
Lori Ann Bailey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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miaburke54 ,


Lori Ann Bailey’s To Covet a Highland Criminal (Wicked Highland Misfits Book 2) Is a delightful story of Bran MacKay and Grace Anderson.

Bran a young man who in desperation did the wrong thing to make up for a past mistake and help his adopted sister finds that his actions have hurt someone who was innocent. Determined to help Grace and right his wrongs Bran and Grace fall in love. But then Brandon has to explain that he’s the one that robbed her store in the first place.

This is a wonderful story of orphans on the streets of Scotland and a young woman left orphaned when her parents die. It’s a story of wonderful people doing the wrong things for the right reasons or for good reasons. But our choices always come back to haunt us don’t they?

I loved the characters and I’ve loved about book one and book two in the series. I think the author did an excellent job and expressing Grace’s backstory through her diary. I enjoyed the fact that these orphans came together as a family. There’s lots of emotions in this book and lots of wonderful feelings. It’s a good plot that moves along at a good pace all the while holding your attention, a very engaging story filled with emotions, friends, laughter, tears, regret, remorse and love. I think the author draws a wonderful portrait of how difficult it was for those less fortunate on the streets of Scotland.

Thank you so much Ms. Bailey for this sweet and touching story of love.

CelticBarb ,

The story will live forever in readers hearts!

Book: To Covet a Highland Criminal
By Lori Ann Bailey

Serie: (Wicked Highland Misfits, Book 2

Release Date: April 13, 2021

Overall Rating: 5/5 = Five Stars

Aberdeen, Scotland
July 1811
Bran MacKay’s life has been far from easy, but as a parentless child living on the streets of Aberdeen having little choice in the matter. Especially if he wanted to survive and eat, yet every time he turns around it seems to get worse and harder. Especially now, due to his stupid past blunder his adopted sister would pay unless he came up with an enormous amount of blunt! Not that it was his fault some servant bumped into the Captain’s Drostan’s box of fragile merchandise and the boy ran away thinking this cruel man would sell him into slavery! Now this rotten Captain was his brother Will’s enemy which Bran was unaware of, in addition he threatens his sister adopted Flora in the most deplorable way! He eavesdrops on some other low-life, criminals, plotting to rob a wealthy shop in town. Bran does what he has learned living on the streets of Aberdeen, stealing their idea and planning to make this shop his next mark and the answer to saving his sister! Well he is not exactly better then them, but is doing it for a noble reason, at least that is what he tells himself.

Grace Andersen lives with a broken heart for the deaths of her parents whom she loved so much, to honor them she continues to successfully run their business. That is until one day they are robbed of all their profits that leaves Grace devastated. On top of that her selfish, uncaring, brother is questioning the missing profits. He only wants the profits for drinking and gambling and will even sell his sister to the highest bidder to play a game of chance at the tables. She turns to Bram MacKay whom she meet in the most unusual way. As he is walking her home he realizes he is the one that ruined Grace’s life by robbing her shop!

Even though Grace knows Bram is in a well known and scandalous street gang, she is still very drawn to his good looks, plus see’s so much courage and goodness in his heart. She is unaware it is Bram who stole everything from her and now it looks like he is going to steal her heart. Though Bram is attracted to Grace and sees all the goodness in her heart he knows he must stay his distance and is not good enough for her. Grace is too good for the likes of him, he is lucky enough to breath the same air as Grace. Bram is so consumed with guilt where he is trying help her. He sees all trouble he has caused, yet both Bram and Grace are so drawn to each other for so many reasons and desire and love is a hard thing to control!

Will Bram and Grace act on these feelings or hide them inside their hearts forever? Will Grace ever find out exactly what Bram did to her shop? That includes being aware of her most personal , intimate feelings from her missing diary too. Could that be the most ultimate betrayal to Grace? Will Grace feel she has been robbed once again, but of a more personal nature? Not so much her purse this time, but of her entire sweet and tender heart. Will she be able to forgive and forget, or will she feel deceived and betrayed? Can she understand his fear of keeping it from Grace since his his adoptive sister and family at Camelot was in so much danger? Read and find out in this heartwarming story that readers will absolutely love !

Again Lori Ann Bailey pens another emotional, heartwarming tale that had me glued to my seat! It is an awe-inspiring book with so many twists and turns that I could not put it down.

Another book that will sweep readers in this difficult world where an adopted family of misfits enter a life of misguided crime, theft and poverty where happily ever after endings are rare and very difficult to find. A book readers definitely don’t want to miss! A book I highly recommend from start to finish. You can read each book as a stand alone book, but I highly recommend to read each marvelous book in this magnificent series!

Wicked Highland Misfits Series
by Lori Ann Bailey

1)To Have a Highland Thief
2)To Covct a Highland Thief

Disclaimer: I received an advance readers copy through the author and publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and honest review and blog. All thoughts, words and ideas are my own.

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