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Warning: Contains a hero who’s Tall, Dark, and Possessive, and may melt your heart as well as your reading device. Handle with care and a bucket of ice water nearby. And maybe some tissues.

His hunger for power knows no bounds…until she binds his heart.

To keep an ill-fated bargain, witch Maeve MacKenna surrenders herself to the scheming Demon Lord Arawn. He’s dangerous, arrogant, ruthless, and dominant–everything she should despise in a male, especially after the torture by another demon left scars on her body and soul. She should tremble with terror in Arawn’s presence. So why does he make her shiver for entirely different reasons? And awaken parts of her body she believed numb after her assault?

Arawn gets what Arawn wants. But when the witch he’s been coveting–for the ancient magic bound inside her–walks into his lair, what should have been simple and straightforward becomes uncomfortably complicated as his interest in her…shifts. A dance of power and attraction begins amid a looming outside threat–because Maeve is not the only one with an age-old force stirring inside her, and the Demon Lord’s rivals are all-too eager to seize that kind of power…

Series Order:


#1 To Seduce a Witch's Heart

#2 To Win a Demon's Love

#3 To Stir a Fae's Passion

#4 To Enthrall the Demon Lord


#1.5 To Caress a Demon's Soul

November 15
Nadine Mutas
Nadine J Mutas

Customer Reviews

DiscGolfDiva4Life ,

Favorite of this series

This was by far the best book of the series but I love how all the books prior built up to this engaging storyline. I’ve reread this one several times because it’s that’s fun to appreciate the exchange between the two main characters. LOVE THIS BOOK.
Can’t wait for #5!

Ambrosia 5! ,

Such a great series!

To Enthrall the Demon Lord was well worth the wait. This book ended up being my favorite so far. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

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