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Here is a novel with all the passion and sweep of Janet Dailey and the divine characterization of Nora Roberts. Find out why Carol Durfee of Word on Romance says Marissa St. James' historical romances are "A wonderful way to spend an enchanting evening! The characters are deeply drawn and [her plots] will keep you guessing till the last page is turned. Once you think the tale is going to go one way it takes another turn." To Every Love There is a Season, is a dramatic tale of love imperiled in the days when John was appointed King of England, following the death of his brother Richard the Lion-Heart, and all important decisions affecting women are made by men. Young Lady Ellen of Ravencliff is more fortunate than most. Her father, Hugh, Duke of Ravencliff and the vast estates that surround it, has enough faith in her judgment that he has promised when the day comes, she will be allowed to choose her own husband. What few realize is that Ellen made her choice long ago. Ellen can be quite resourceful, which sometimes gets her into trouble, but she is sure of one thing. One day, she intends to marry David Ross, who has no idea how deeply she has wound herself into his heart and his life. As a bride in David's arms she experiences a joyous ecstasy she has never known. Neither of them is aware how short lived their happiness is to be. For, Nicolas, Earl of Fair Haven, a rejected suitor wants Ellen – and will stop at nothing, including murder, to possess her. David is attacked by bandits and reported murdered, though in her heart of hearts, Ellen does not believe David is dead. As a landed widow, she must remarry, for her husband will become heir of Ravencliff. Nicholas has plotted well and won the friendship of King John who decrees Ellen must marry the Earl of Fair Haven. Even Ellen is daunted, for if she attempts to defy the King and resists the royal decree, John's wrath might extend to her father.  Here is another thrilling, tempestuous romantic adventure from the Rose Award nominee, Marissa St. James. Expect more critical kudos like these for her earlier books: "Strong characters, tightly woven plots, and incredible scene description." ~Blaine Mackenzie, author of Rivers Run and Secrets of the Reef. "Refreshing, enchanting… The weaving of characterization and tense, concise plot deepens but smoothly flows in the most satisfying manner. One wants to turn the pages faster... This writer has a natural gift for the art of writing that seems to pour forth without effort or manipulation. How rare and delicious to meet this infrequent appearance. ~Viviane Crystal, whatimreading.com.

Cover: Elspeth Fahey

April 8
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