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The book To God Be The Glory was written to tell the exciting story of what God did with a Nebraska farm boy after he surrendered his life to Him. Russell grew up on a ranch in the Sand Hills of Nebraska. He received his primary education in a one room country school. His high school education was obtained at a school that had dormitories where the rural students stayed during the week.

The authors life was dramatically changed while he was a student at the University of Nebraska. It was there that he met some young people who were a good example of what it means to be a genuine Christian. After a long struggle, Russell finally found in Christ the secret of what gave those young people joy and a reason for living.

The primary goal of the author is to give glory to God for what he did through and for him and his wife. Secondary goals are that of making known Gods wonderful plan of salvation from the awful consequences of sin and the provision of a glorious future for those who are Gods children. The author also wants to persuade others, especially young people, to surrender their lives to God and live for him.

The Georges have an exciting story to tell of how God provided for their needs to make it possible, first of all for them to go to Argentina, and then spend 37 years of their life there serving him as missionaries.

To be sure Russell faced times of trial and discouragement, but each time God brought him through and enabled him to go on. He tells of a time when he says he had to sit himself down and have a serious talk with himself. He said to himself, Russell, you didnt spend nearly three years running around the country raising support so you could come here to quit. He had to admit that quitting wasnt an option.

The book attests to the fact that he is no fool who surrenders his life to do the will of God. Reading it will help you understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God and have less fear of trusting him to guide you in the course of your life.

The book ends with a supplement, Russells Believe It Or Not. It is included to add a little humor.

Religion & Spirituality
November 12
Trafford Publishing

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